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Occult Imprisonment on Facebook

Post by Douglas Gabriel

    In response to the many comments I received regarding my post entitled Are There Antichrists and False Prophets in Anthroposophy, I would clarify that we all have a false prophets and antichrists within us.  It is my opinion that these forces reside in everyone at one time or another and are the forces that create our three doubles:  Lucifer in the astral, Ahriman in the etheric, and the Asuras in the physical. 

    Our three egos, that are found expressed in Spirit Self, Life Spirit, and Spirit Man (Human), are in a battle with Ahriman for the etheric (thoughts) in humans and the earth. 

    Therefore, each of us will have to wrestle with the father of lies - Lucifer, father of deception –Ahriman, ruler of the current physical realm, and the eaters of ego, the asuras who work with Sorath, the Sun Demon, the Antichrist who is a retarded Elohim and battles with Christ for the future of humanity and the earth. 

    As students of Steiner know, the big battle with Sorath is supposed to take place in the future, but for initiates, and you may be one, this is happening now.  This struggle within the initiate who hasn’t prepared him or herself in grounded esoteric study can lead to ego-delusion, whereby the affected individual makes claims to be Steiner, Maitreya, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, or whoever.   

     Sorath lives on the Sun but Christ is on the Earth and Sun.  Lucifer and Ahriman, who can’t see Christ from their perspective, try to blend old and future path into a confused mess.  Sorath can see Christ quite clearer and wishes to annihilate Christ’s resurrection in the etheric realm, which should actually bring new life and love into creation out of nothingness.  In my recent participation in the several Facebook sites that have “anthroposophy” in their group titles, I see an example of this battle with all three realms within the postings and comments.  Evil is surely at home in these Facebook sites and I would like to characterize my brief experience on these sites to illustrate that point.


Online Communication Is an Oxymoron

     I spent a few weeks a number of years ago on a Facebook group with the name anthroposophy in the title.  Inspiring monologues were posted.   At the time, I found no communication between the participants, just single hit-and-run posts.  It was fine, considering the nature of social media, but certainly the antithesis of Goetheanum conversation that many anthroposophist have been trying to achieve for decades.  For those not familiar with the term, this type of conversation entails truly listening to the other person before even thinking and framing a response. 

    One lets the content settle in silence within oneself for some time, making sure that the next comment builds on all of the previous comments.  Keeping focus on the topic before moving to the next invites angels to enter into the conversation and bring the topic from concepts into Imagination – living pictures that connect to other living beings. In essence, Goetheanum conversation is an invocation of love that invites the hierarchy to participate.  

    My initial experience with reading the social media posts from the group sites was interesting, but I felt more estranged from authenticate connection with other anthroposophists than before entering and participating in the group.  I found this odd and inexplicable.  Then while researching online education, as a part of my profession, I found out that online communication is an oxymoron. 

    Courts don’t consider texts or emails as “confirmed communication”.  Online communication was seldom found to happen unless speech and streaming video were included.  Typing words online to people with whom you do not have an actual relationship does not mean you have communicated.  In fact, the opposite was found to be true. 


    The more students tried to “communicate” with online mentors, the more they got frustrated.  After years of trying to use online, computer adapted, high tech interfaces for adjudicated youth across American detention facilities – online education for adjudicated youth was abandoned because it didn’t work.  It often worked in the opposite direction and students became alienated, agitated, moody, hostile, distant, and started to regress in their rehabilitation.  In other words, online attempts at communication produced negative behaviors and mental and psychological pathologies. 

    At this point, for most juvenile and adult prisons, and most recently in public schools, – the social media interface is banned. Too many problems arose even in online education, so we (a national group of educators) suggested going back to “true human interaction” and away from “the supposed efficacy of online and computer assisted systems to support education or rehabilitation.” Another misnomer is that “slow” students benefited by online access to high tech educational support.  It was the opposite, both the high scoring and low scoring students had great difficulty with “non-human” systems for different reasons. What was seemingly universal was that online “communication” triggered asocial behaviors and more aggressive behavior. 

     Our group then studied the known “technological pathologies” that were being noted in these facilities across America.  Test groups were given online access to “screened” sites for educational purposes.  Again, severe antisocial and asocial behaviors seemed to be directly related to length of time on the system.  We were prison school superintendents, and frankly we didn’t care what the supposed “research” by vested interests had to say.  We were developing case studies and interactive research to try to help these students in any way we could because to date no one had been successful in educating these children.


My Experience on Facebook

     What I have experienced in the last few weeks on “anthroposophical Facebook groups” reinforces what our studies in schools showed us.  Social media promotes bipolar behavior, incites anger to people that the user does not even know (unresolvable anger since they are only a “virtual person”), and regresses social behaviors leading to isolation, depression, the need to strike out irrationally, negative ego reinforcement, frustration, confusion, and depression.  Then, due to seeming bipolar behavior responses – the cycle begins again unendingly. 

     These “illnesses” born through frustrated attempts at online communication seem to exist quite actively in groups with the name “anthroposophy” in the title.  I believe the titles are often the very opposite of what they indicate – they are anti-anthroposophical and allow and encourage anti-Steiner remarks and anthropop-bashing as natural outcroppings of an Ahrimanic system that can only produce grey spider thoughts, not true living Imaginations filled with wisdom and warmth. 

    Adriana is the best at actually bringing a fresh spirit of personal integrity, truth and love into her statements online – which are very clearly offered in the spirit of Christ, Steiner and his teachings.  She doesn’t have to be the bipolar “defender of the faith” or a “pope” of her own church, or a “saint of anthropsophy,” just a true human being struggling with her experience of spirit and its relationship to Steiner and all other teachings that she knows. 

   For instance, on one of her recent posts, she commented from her own experience. The post did not demand authentication, citations, research or prior authority, supposed spiritual signs, the stamp of orthodoxy, the claim of superior incarnations, the claim to be Steiner, or a demand for Dornach Hill and the evil Vorstand to resign and give her the keys to the Goetheanum. She presented a concept of five vowels, which I take as coming from her own spiritual research since I haven’t seen before in Steiner.  I tested it against my heart’s truth along with my knowledge of Steiner’s teachings and other veritable spiritual teachings.  Then I sat silently and contemplated with openness.  For me, I thought, felt, and believed that she was right.  I thanked her and continued to let her words sound in my soul and spirit.  If they connect me to other good spirits that fire my will to deeds of love, then I know that it is truth for me, now.

     Each time you read or study anything, you should be discerning in identifying false prophets and antichrists.  When I see “evil”, I speak up.  This evil is evil to me – it is one of my own doubles.  Again, referring back to my professional experience as a school administrator, what we found with the children and I find with Facebook groups:  Everyone is talking to themselves and most do not know it. 

    I am calling out the evil in me when I see it in the world, otherwise, how would I know it was evil?  I was a Catholic priest, a Jesuit, an exorcist.  I know evil quite well – inside me and outside in others and the world.  I worked with 10,000 adjudicated juveniles a year and have lived amongst evil.  I was never hurt, accosted, or disrespected by these children.  They could see that I don’t reject evil; I know it well and only want to help, to love, and to help myself and others evolve.  Only Christ can sort out the karma of an individual over time, so all judgments of a person’s character are temporary. 

    Steiner indicated that Blavatsky was “overlighted” by a master of wisdom when she wrote Isis Unveiled.   But soon thereafter he says, she was in “occult imprisonment” by an Eastern lodge that kept her from seeing Christ – the worst thing that can happen to a person. Facebook is a sort of occult imprisonment of Steiner’s words being given over carelessly to Ahriman.  Ahriman sucks the warmth out of your remarks online because you aren’t speaking to “people”, unless you already know them.

     You are speaking to words. 

     Words speaking to words. 

     Perhaps not even the meaning of those words are shared. 

     The subtle gestures that come with face and body language in real communication are silenced and words are no longer attached to the person’s spiritual presence. 

     Indeed, the very words I type to you now are just an arrangement of the alphabet and your life experience reflects into them, giving them meanings that I may or may not have intended.

    Every idea that does not become your ideal slays you.  Throughout these posts are many Steiner quotes without any personal warmth being added by a personal remark or life experience.  This can cause an intellectual isolationism that places you higher and higher in an ivory tower of your own correctness.  

Don’t Feed the Trolls

     Since I posted False Prophets and Antichrists, I have been called Judas, St. Augustine, an Essene, a Jesuit essene, liar, evil, filthy, Christian Rosenkreutz, Adam Michaelis, and most every other name except a child of God.  Really?  I responded to trolls bashing Steiner, Prokovieff, anthroposophy, the Anthroposophical Society, and outright name calling. 

    If name calling hurt me, I would be heart-broken.  I have had about a hundred people friend me or personally text me over this “troll hole gone to hell” as one experienced Facebooker called it.  I have been taught that trolls are like the legendary trolls:  They live under bridges with their names on them or their concepts carved into the wood waiting for goats to come walk on the bridge so they can eat them.  But just like a “real” troll, they don’t eat the first billy goat; they wait for bigger and bigger goats and just keep getting more hungry until they get stupid and can be manipulated by their own system. 

    Poor trolls. They aren’t very smart and they don’t have a sense of humor.  As the nature of troll-hood, they seem angry and indignant all the time and want to eat others.  I am told to ignore trolls who taunt you by calling you names and teasing you and being aggressive.  DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – I am told.  Well, somehow, I became a troll (another name I was called and had to study up on) unwittingly and the other trolls are having a hay day (a great time).  Remember, trolls don’t laugh or find things funny.  I even stupidly tried to tell a joke and was “word-yelled” for it. 

    Trolls are not happy.  Their very words show that they are alone, recluse, have an agenda, are deeply hurt, feel rejected and abandoned.  The sideline “watchers” on these sites are subjected to what appears to be insanity or intellectual masturbation – both done with the idea that “someone” is watching.  Even full on sexual pornography was displayed on one site repeatedly before the administrators removed it.  I had full on pornography “stuck” in my face while trying to have a “conversation” with a group online.  Now I see why thoughtful people run away from these sites.

     But don’t worry you all, friends and enemies, and those “watchers” in between.  I am fine and will fight again for Steiner’s ideas another day.  As a matter of fact, I promised one site that as long as they used anthroposophy and stigmata in the title, I won’t go away until the title is changed to something like, “The Judith von Halle Support Site” or any other name that doesn’t imply that anthroposophy supports stigmata as a spiritual path for the normal aspirant.  

    From my personal research, I have found that students of inedia (not eating), following JVH’s example, have perished.  A JVH site, if authenticated with open and honest research, would have much to tell followers.  Almost all validated stigmatists had thousands of people visit them to experience their blessing. If she is a valid teacher and stigmatist with divine revelation or capacities, where is her openness and availability to heal all people, not just a few synchopants? 

    These streams didn’t mix in Steiner’s time, and they have great trouble mixing now. No simple explanation about Platonist and Aristotelians is going to heal the Anthroposophical Society, in my opinion.  I have known most of the Vorstand members since 1972 personally and their task “cannot effectively be accomplished” according to a conversation Rudolf Grosse and I had.  He was clairvoyant and recognized that I was too, at that time.  He said he was the only clairvoyant he knew on the Dornach Hill at that time and the rest of the Vorstand and the society held it against him.  Funny, Steiner hand-picked and trained Grosse and knew of his clairvoyance, obviously, and Grosse ended up like Steiner, alone on the Dornach Hill, the hill of blood, the hill of Swiss freedom.  


     So, for what it is worth, that is part of my experience and a statement of what I was trying to do with my posts.  So many people have personally asked me to post more that I know aspirants are eager to go deeper in their Steiner studies and reflections.  People have contacted me personally,  and find that I (and my wife Tyla) am easy to find and will speak with anyone.  Readers literally pleaded with me to continue because they are afraid of attacks from trolls.


    Therefore, attached below is a private site where posts that I write on Facebook can be read in in an easy or organized manner.  I apologize to all of you for being deficient in my social media posting skills and hope the links will make up for my technical inadequacies. 

    I am not trying to be “inflammatory” “derisive” “contentious” “self-proclaimed superior” or anything like that.  I create these posts because my wife and I, who are now retired from our professional careers, are solely committed to defend Steiner’s teachings as long as necessary, on or off  Facebook.  

    I will be happy to discuss the content of my posts with anyone – no matter how big the troll.    

    If you read this post and disagree, please feel free to criticize them all you want.  I am not a spiritual teacher and I claim nothing but that Christ is in my heart with Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation.  My blessings on all friends, enemies, trolls, Powellites, Judithites, Tomberbites, Steinerites, Blavatskiites, Distasiites, and all those other teachers that members of these sites follow.  May we all end up in the same place, the Heart of Christ Sophia. 

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