Searching the Destiny of the

The Holy Lance of Love


Did this story begin when we first saw a video about the mysterious Cicada 3301 puzzle or when an old spear arrived on our doorstep with congratulations that 

we had just received a "prize" for solving the internet puzzle?


Or did it begin when the Knights Templar could no longer protect it and hid it deep in the earth, hoping that someone in their group would survive to tell of its whereabouts? Or did it begin when Mary Magdalene carried the blood relics from the Crucifixion?


Who were the Grail Queens that protected it, passing it from one protectress to another through centuries? Did Constantine, Charlemagne, and Hitler hold the original spear or one of history's many copies? 

Our journey is one of puzzles, intrigue, research, and speculation. Begin here in this exciting e-book where each chapter takes you deeper into our actual discoveries - as though you were with us in real time. Read the emails between the researchers as they sort through history. Listen to contemporary videos describing the lance's travels through Europe. Compare the research findings with the completed timeline (not yet posted as of today) and see what we may have missed and what you have found.

Discover for yourself the authenticity and provenance of the Holy Lance of Love. 

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