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Sigils and Sacred Magic

World Wide and Growing

Our readers span the globe and we are sharing the good news of the divine feminine and ushering in the Satya Yuga, the Age of Light. Each time you affix a sigil to a place, the spiritual resonance of the item or space begins to transform. Each sigil marks a time and place where your consciousness was in alignment with sacred harmonics. Together, one by one, we begin to connect in love and wisdom and create a world wide web of loving vibrations, akin to loft thoughts and devout prayers needed to heal the world.  

Where are You Placing Sigils?

UPC Barcodes. Most vibrationally attuned people know that standard barcodes on items attract and transmit detrimental energies. Did you know that you can transmute this energy by placing a sigil over the barcode?

Print on clear or colored labels. Our Spirit sigils can be downloaded and printed free. Use them abundantly. You can place them discreetly at the bottom or top corner of a window or mirror to transmute energies coming through and bouncing around your space. So many applications:

  • Electrical outlets, computers, Wi-Fi boxes, televisions  

  • Water and juice bottles

  • Discreetly anywhere in a room, especially in your meditation or quiet spaces 

  • Supplement and nutrition bottles and packages

  • Over barcodes on special books--anywhere barcodes are located

  • On your vision board to enhance potentiality

  • Seal an envelope with a sigil to send good vibes through the mail

  • Outdoor high frequency utility meter boxes 

  • On your checkbook cover to enhance prosperity and abundance

  • Share with friends and spread the good vibesOn 

Here is the Best Part 

Sigils "talk" to one another. Every time another sigil is activated by one who has consciousness, all sigils around the world increase their vibration.


Place a sigil on a sacred spot for yourself and we all benefit! Give sigils out in love, and we all receive your loving vibrations.


Sacred Places 

Where are sacred places in your neighborhood or in your travels that you can place a sigil to enhance the vibrations of all sigils world wide?    

Enhance Your Meditation Space

Getting the idea? What spaces in your environment could use the energetic qualities of love, hope, joy, abundance, ease, healing, and vitality? Wherever you feel that EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are disrupting your space, treat it with high quality crystals, divine objects, sacred geometry, and sigils.  

Do They Really Work?

If you are a skeptic, what harm to try them? Watch how the energy in your space begins to shift and you start moving towards harmony and resonance of divine energy.


But caution--some of you may experience what will seem to be unpleasant events or circumstances in your life flow. Just know that these come to you as a result of getting rid of old energy patterns that need to be cast out of your environment before great vibes can start bringing you to higher life frequencies.


You will know the sigils are working as you will notice flow, synchronicity, providence and sacred magic entering your life.  

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