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The Gabriels


Tyla Gabriel, ND an internationally known entrepreneur in education and business as well as a board certified naturopath.  She holds a graduate degree in Humanities from Florida State University, where she began her life-long studies in religion, mythology and philosophy, eventually leading her to the path of Anthroposophy.  After postgrad studies in economics from the University of Manchester, UK, Tyla began a twenty-five year entrepreneurial career in school management, during which time she completed an Entrepreneur Masters Program and a wide variety of esoteric energetic practices.


As a philosopher and theologian, her writings and teachings on the pivotal role of the Divine Feminine Trinity have broken ground that is tantamount to a new revelation of the divine that necessitates a complete revisiting of our approach to the world and ourselves. 


From the first revelation of Sophia through Pele, to the Etheric Christ experience several years later, Gabriel has followed the luminous path of study and communion with Sophia Christos to become an initiate of Sophia. The teachings about the Being of Sophia are the result of living Imaginations given to her by spiritual beings that inspired her over many years, guiding her to active Intuitions that unveil the hidden nature of the Great Goddess.  


Tyla and Douglas have dedicated their retirement career to the development of the Our Spirit project, which is an elaborate esoteric "glass bead game" for spiritual researchers. The full scope of the game includes The Gospel of Sophia series, esoteric novels, free blogs and newsletters to subscribers, a vibrant website with contemporary articles on esoteric and anthroposophical topics, curriculum materials and books for teachers and parents, and groundbreaking ascension products and protocols. 

Please click here to see Tyla's message to teachers. 

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Douglas Gabriel, PhD is a retired superintendent of schools and professor of education who has worked with schools and organizations throughout the world.  He has authored eleven books ranging from teacher training manuals to philosophical/ spiritual works on the nature of the Divine Feminine.  He was a Waldorf class teacher and administrator at the Detroit Waldorf School and taught courses at Mercy College, the University of Detroit, and Wayne State University for decades. 


He then became the Headmaster of a Waldorf School in Hawaii and taught at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. He was a leader in the development of charter schools in Michigan and helped found the first Waldorf School in the Detroit Public School system and the first charter Waldorf school in Michigan. 


Douglas received his first degree in Religious Formation at the same time as an Associate Degree in computer science in 1972.  This unusual mixture of technology and religion continued throughout his life. He was drafted into and served in the Army Security Agency (NSA) where he was a cryptologist and systems analyst in signal intelligence, earning him a degree in Signal Broadcasting.  After military service, he entered the Catholic Church again as a Trappist monk and later as a Jesuit priest where he earned PhD’s in Philosophy and Comparative Religion, and a Doctor of Divinity. 


As a Jesuit priest, he came to Detroit and earned a BA in Anthroposophical Studies and History and a MA in School Administration. 


Douglas has been a sought after lecturer and consultant to schools and businesses throughout the world and in 1982 he founded the Waldorf Educational Foundation that provides funding for the publication of educational books. Douglas has raised a great deal of money for Waldorf schools and institutions that continue to develop the teachings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner.


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