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The Qube

Creating a World Wide Web of Her Resonance 

A Powerful Scalar Antenna

We developed the Qube for bio-energetic enhancement and brain wave stimulation as a tool to broadcast a multi-directional piezoelectric scalar field generated through a seven stage multi-phasic collapsed array antenna that utilizes harmonic frequencies, geometries, and planetary signatures relating to human organs, glands, and energy centers (chakras). 


The Qube also transduces erratic electromagnetic frequencies into coherent energy that feeds the antennae, boosts the signal, and aligns the broadcasting frequencies of the antenna with the frequency of silica, the most abundant mineral in the human body. The frequency of silica crystals (quartz) is 32,780 hertz (vibrations per second), which is a fractal of two. This frequency is the master control frequency produced by the crystals in the pineal gland which also act as an antenna that broadcasts and receives. (A detailed explanation of this is given in The Gospel of Sophia: A Path of Modern Initiation.)


The Qube is, in part, modeled after the functions of the pineal gland and its control of the timing mechanisms of the body. Raising the vibration of silica found in food, into the silica of the pineal gland is similar to the transformative processes of the energy emissions of the Qube. 


A Self-Sustaining Source of Energy

As a stationary broadcaster of scalar waves (standing waves), the frequency of the Qube creates a shell, or field of force, like a torus field that grows larger the longer the Qube sits in one place. There are no moving parts in the Qube and it has an internal source of energy that is self-sustaining. Ambient EMF energy adds to the charging energy of the Qube, but is not the source of the harmonic stream of negative ions created by the dynamic effect of scalar waves running over the surface of a regenerative antennae and broadcaster. 


The Qube also attunes to the frequency of silica, which is found everywhere in nature and enhances and focuses this energy in a type of echo chamber that rebounds off the “infinite surface and length” antenna construction.


Vibrational Nutrition

All aspects of the Qube are built upon the natural algorithms of nature: Fibonacci Series, Golden Mean, bio-geometry, Platonic solids, and many other harmonious frequencies that are programed into the Qube’s broadcasts. The balanced relationship of silica to calcium create continuum for the expression of the needed bioenergetic frequencies. Dynamic tension between surface (flat antennae plates) and multi-phasic arrays (seven stage wire vortex) and harmonized with an infinity uni-directional cap antennae causes the device to receive specifically tuned vibrations and use those frequencies as a base frequency generator upon which to program heterodyned frequencies that cause feedback into human bodies that are within the range of the Qube. 


In other words, the Qube emits positive frequencies that cause the body to resonant in harmony with it. Somewhat like a tuning fork that is bio-energetic and tuned to the seven phases of energy found throughout the human life body. In essence, it is vibrational nutrition.


Unlimited Broadcasting

The Qube’s development arose from requests of teachers and sensitive people to create a “safe zone” for higher human expression. Once the Qube was created and tested, it was found that its energy potential was more dynamic than any antenna previously created. It was seen that with a large power boost and a multi-shape plate antenna, the Qube’s energy could be directed into the atmosphere and become part of the etheric formative forces that surround the globe. 


After some months of boosting the power and broadcasting the signal, the signal returned from the opposite direction and maintained a continuum of reception and broadcasting. A completed projection of the Qube’s specific energies were united, not unlike a radio signal that bounces off the atmosphere until it completes the cycle around the globe. 

 Click on this video to learn more secrets of the

Qube and sigils.






Sigils are Attuned to the Qube

The question of enhancing the signal on specific spots within the continuum arose. Thus, the first antenna sigil, bio-geometrically designed to generate energy by cohering chaotic EMF frequencies into the same frequencies of the Qube. The same math that created the Qube is found in the sigil, which acts as a landing pad for the Qube’s energy. 


Sigils are antennae attuned to the broadcast of the Qube. Everywhere you place a sigil, you draw in the energy of the Qube and that energy dynamically bounces back and forth between the antennae arrays at each end of the sigil and between the sigils wherever they are located. This energy is created by the geometric patterns of the arrays and then made coherent by being pulled back and forth between the antennae arrays through the sigil’s spiral shape that creates an open gap that sparks the polarized energy rhythmically until it coheres through the energy generated by the two antennae. 


Sigils are Like Spiritual Nerves 

Once this energy is balanced, it is emitted via the “gap” between the opposing spirals.This is the natural tension of nature, the yin and yang, male and female dynamic found throughout nature and in our own bodies. The sigil is an antenna that broadcasts and receives, just like the Qube. The sigil is like “spiritual nerves” that allow a spark of energy to go from one nerve to the next and “light up” the energy that is flowing all around it.


This is accomplished in a two dimensional projection of three dimensional Qube. As a two dimensional expression of the Qube, the sigil is not affected by limitations of space and can be in resonance with the Qube through a subspace resonance tuned to the Qube’s unique signature.


Sigils Sing the Language of Spirit

The Schumann Wave of 7.83 is created by the resistance between the surface of the Earth and the surrounding atmosphere. This frequency is the same as the human heart as it beats. As above, so below applies to the human heart’s resonance with its atmosphere. This same principal applies for the Qube and its resonant signature frequency in the sigil. The Qube and the sigil work as a pair to balance energy in the environment and the atmosphere of the Earth. You might imagine the pair singing together the language of the spirit so that those who are listening may tune their instrument to divine harmonies.


Click here to see how you can use sigils in your daily life.   


Have you ever wondered why “spiritual” people are leery of technology and eschew any human advancement that has a semblance of high-tech? They categorically deride technology on one hand, yet in the other, they are texting on their smart phones or using social media as a platform for global conversations with others of the same persuasion. Or they accept technology that has been around for decades like automobiles, solar power, and heart rate monitors, but couldn’t possibly imagine that there are other technologies on the horizon that could be equally beneficial to humanity.

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