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Please Come In:

The Door is Open


Our Spirit is a new type of literary genre. More than an author page or book, more than a website or blog, Our Spirit is a virtual Temple of Wisdom where spiritual aspirants may come to be spiritually nourished and refreshed. There are many doorways into this virtual temple. Some might find the site by reading one of our posts on a partner website. Others may have read one of our books and be curious what other things we write. Another seeker could be a studied anthroposophist who has heard that our philosophical approach is solidly based on the works of Rudolf Steiner, yet offers a fresh approach to integrating anthroposophy in our times, something we call neoanthroposophy.


No matter how you arrived at this page, you are at the right place at the right time. Although there are no gurus or priests to tour you through this amazing virtual Temple of Wisdom, we have carefully designed a spiritual edifice in the "digital ethers" so that any path you take, leads you to wisdom and knowledge of the higher worlds. All you have to do is open a door, which in internet vernacular means “click the link.”

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How Do I Explore a Virtual Temple?


In designing the site, we made sure that each and every hyperlink leads you to a place of greater understanding of spiritual knowledge. Tyla and Douglas Gabriel are your invisible docents, guiding you through fascinating spaces and making sure that everything written or linked to is based on sound spiritual research. Think of this like a video game, where your avatar explores levels, dimensions, rooms, and places that look hidden, except to the skilled player.  


Our Spirit is like a real Indiana Jones adventure. And YOU are Indy! Did you notice that the words “Indiana Jones”are hyperlinked? When you are ready, click on the link (open the door) and see what you will uncover. Then come back to this page.


This is not a Hollywood make believe adventure story. This is a very real journey that can help you find your own hidden spiritual treasures as you obtain knowledge of the spiritual world in a way that brings spiritual and material healing, nourishment, and abundance to your life.


Let your heart be your compass. Whenever you see a story or phrase that resonates with you, follow it and see where it takes you. For the explorer who is prepared to cross the threshold and take up the study of Our Spirit, one page, one link, one story at a time, without a need to rush to exit the Temple, one’s life begins to change. One’s consciousness begins to expand. One’s soul begins to stir. One’s spirit begins to awaken.

How is the Temple Constructed? 


We have created the first "digital realm" Pansophia Temple, a space that is not contained by ordinary dimensions of 3D space and 4D time. The World Wide Web is a virtual space created by Ahriman, but is quite suited for the delivery of our work as a vehicle that can transcend time and space to reach anyone, anyplace, anytime. Our temple is not made of bricks and mortar; it is erected in the ethers. Aspirants join us in a dimension of higher consciousness when they enter the Temple of Wisdom.


Many mystics, sages and seers have tried to describe this Temple of Wisdom in modern times and have called it the Invisible College, the Mystery Schools, the White Brotherhood, the Communion of Saints, the Sanga, the Purified Realms, the White Island, Shamballa, the etheric realm, the Realm of Spiritual Economy, the Ring of Consciousness, Mount Meru, Tushita Heaven, New Jerusalem or Eden Redeemed, among others. Basically, it is a realm where spiritual nourishment is drawn from the Great Mother like a nursing child.


We go to this realm to rest and reflect in the Wisdom that creates the cosmos and guides our destiny. Our older sisters and brothers are there and the Masters of Wisdom and Harmony of Sensations and Feelings work from this realm to draw humanity forth into a brighter world where the wisdom around us is added to by the love we share with one another. This human love literally builds our personal temple in the future where we will live.

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Although our temple’s breathtaking space is constructed in the virtual world, its foundation is solidly located in its physical pillars. As with any temple built in the temporal realm, our great ceilings and spaces are supported by rock-solid buttresses. Sturdy columns are necessary to support this Temple of Wisdom as one EMF (electromagnetic frequency) event could cause the website to be destroyed.


For this reason all of our virtual work is supported by the physical books that we offer. If the virtual temple is ever destroyed, the wisdom that we have poured into its chambers and passageways are safely kept in our books. We also rely on our readers to save, print, and share our free magazines, lectures, and e-books so that Our Spirit is never extinguished. 

No Rabbit-Hole Policy


Unlike the internet where casual surfing can lead you into dark, uncharted binary oceans, we make sure that every link is connected and relevant to the subject matter offered. Every click, whether it is an article or video on our page or someone else’s, has been vetted by us. We only ask you to click a link if it is relevant to the subject and can assist you in your spiritual journey.


Explore our site deeply and without hesitation. Our walls around the temple are solid and you can’t get lost. All doors open and paths lead to spiritual wisdom and knowledge. If you ever find a broken link while you are exploring the Temple of Wisdom, please let us know so that we can fix it. 

A New Type of Literary Genre is Revealed


Permit us to tell you a story of how books came to be and how Our Spirit is a revolutionary new form of a book, which one might say is a type of eternal book for it truly transcends space and time. 


Amos Comenius, the original Wandering Bohemian, and last Bishop of the Moravian Brotherhood, produced the first pedagogical book that connected the image of an object to its written name and set the object in an image of a natural environment that made corollaries to its function and use. He was the innovator of the first pictorial textbook called The World in Pictures. 


His book was used throughout Europe for decades as the key to unravelling the labyrinth of the world, as Comenius called it. Both Latin and the common language were shown together to teach two languages at once and the student was encouraged to draw the scenes from the book and write out the names of all of the objects.

Thinking was stimulated by the images and the words (with simultaneous dual language training) while reciting the words aloud stimulated feelings and emotions. Redrawing the scenes was a stimulation of the will (kinesthetic realm). All three aspects of the human soul were fed by this process. Our Spirit is a conscious approach to this Temple of Pansophia, the home of Wisdom, through the same media as Comenius provided – visual, auditory and kinesthetic – with the added quantum leap of the internet.

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Learn to Speak a Spiritual Language


Our Spirit was created as a conscious threshold opening into the Temple of Wisdom which is found in the spiritual understanding of our own temples, our human body. Through The Gospel of Sophia, a cosmology is presented that renews our understanding of our place in spiritual evolution. The human body is the stage upon which history plays itself out, and we are being watched and supported by an audience of hierarchical and elemental beings. 


A personal awakening comes from studying the wisdom presented in the multi-dimensional platforms at Our Spirit. Stepping over this threshold consciously brings the aspirant into a world of active, living beings who wish to teach us “two languages at once,” like Comenius did in his illustrated books. A spiritual language of the cosmos and a human spiritual language are developed through work with The Gospel of Sophia and the generous contents of the Our Spirit website.


The time has come for the thinning of the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds.  Aspirants are looking to find the eternal manifesting in the physical world and then conversely find their own spirit manifesting in the higher realms. Once the threshold to the Temple of Wisdom has been crossed through the conscious efforts of the aspirant to know and experience the being of Wisdom (Sophia), many spiritual helpers come who are anxious to help you along the path. Our Spirit is the collective effort of aspirants who wish to find and know these higher beings and integrate them into their own spiritual path of development. 


It is “Our” Spirit – not the spirit of a single person working alone to find the path, but the combined efforts to know Wisdom that is found in every religion, tradition, mythology, belief, and spiritual practice. Our Spirit is the collective wisdom of the gods found in every spiritual practice and applied to a practical application of that wisdom in our souls and in the world through every aspect of life whether education, psychology, physiology, spiritual practice, health, nutrition, science, art, or life in general. Wisdom becomes personal and eventually becomes the midwife that helps birth the spirit as it crosses the threshold into the supersensible realms.


Our Spirit is a Place of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition


Comenius wandered from country to country after Bohemia was dissolved spreading his new educational insights. Our Spirit is saved that fate because the internet allows us to reach the entire globe and spread the new methods of teachings without limitation. Comenius used visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aspects of learning, while Our Spirit has moved into the new stages of learning called Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. The methods for activating these new supersensible organs of perception are spelled out in many ways throughout all that Our Spirit does. Comenius was teaching students to integrate into the three dimensional world, whereas Our Spirit is helping unfold the measures needed to reach into new dimensions.


Time loses its sting of suffering once a complete cosmology of Sophia is developed that demonstrates that linear time is an illusion of human perception. The grander picture shows the human being evolving into an angel and so on up through the hierarchy. It takes Imagination to “perceive” these future levels of human consciousness and transcendentally traverse them. Each human can be seen as a “master being in development.” The advanced masters want us to evolve just as they have and the teachings of wisdom are there as the signposts that point in the direction that all of these masters have taken before us. There is always a helping hand ready to assist the aspirant in crossing the threshold into the temple where these masters teach humans how to ascend.


The work of Our Spirit is to ascend and to help provide a vehicle for the ascension of the aspirant’s body, soul, and spirit. Physical health is a primary step of ascension and the Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet is offered as a tool to help the physical body. The soul is nurtured through the wisdom teachings found in The Gospel of Sophia series and our other print books. Additionally, we offer many articles addressing this invisible body of ethers that provides the living forces necessary to behold wisdom and commune with spiritual beings. The human spirit is aided through the presentation of spiritual practices that activate the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream that is the key to spiritual development.


The three dimensional training of Comenius needed the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions to fill out the picture of what a human being can become in the future. Our Spirit is a bridge to those new dimensions and a beacon of light shining wisdom into all of the corners of the Temple of Pansophia. We are translators of the divine language of wisdom found in the expanse of space that is articulated into the individual through the harmony of the planetary spheres sounding in our bodies. The divine language of creative wisdom becomes a human language of the spirit that can commune with the eternal.


Our Spirit is the Doorway to Your Temple of Self Knowledge


So whether you want to read, listen, or contemplate something beyond the temporal realm, Our Spirit can be the launching pad to higher dimensions of your soul and spirit. It is the doorway to the temple of your own self that is a hologram of the entire cosmos. This has been reflected in the design of temples since the dawn of architecture. Ancient Indian stupas where a geometric representation of the perfected human body, a sort of fractal that nests Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets until they tessellate into the perfected yogi sitting in the lotus position. Babylonian temples where ever taller ziggurats to the sky that tried to reach to the wisdom of the stars and planets in their great movements through the heavens. Egyptian temple designs were laid out as images of the human body and the pyramid was a perfected human head with the King’s Chamber being the pineal gland and the Queen’s Chamber the pituitary gland properly placed in replicas of the ventricles of the brain. 


A language of the gods was inscribed on the pillars of the Egyptian temple and only the priests and priestesses understood their meaning and ultimate wisdom. Each image held a tremendous depth of knowledge that would take many words to explain. The wisdom of number, proportion and measure were perfected in Egyptian temples of many kinds and these ancient masons instructed the Greek and Roman masons in continuing this art. The strong Roman arch is taken from the design of the human pelvic bone and columns reflected human uprightness found in our limbs. The writings on the Egyptian columns evolved into the images on the outside of the temple, where no human could reach. Inside the Greek temple would be a huge statue of the goddess or god worshiped in that particular city.


From the wisdom-filled architecture of the temple reflecting the golden mean found in the human body to the statues of the gods inside and outside that reflected the idea that the gods and humans were similar in form, ancient temples showed an evolution of the ascent of the human being. We can find an evolution of form in temples from the underground caves of the megalithic age to the geometrically perfect temples of India and Persia, to the ever higher temples of Mesopotamia and the Egyptian temples built upon the wisdom of the perfected human body, to the strong Roman and delicate Gothic churches that reflect the exact structures found in the human skeleton. Temples, like human bodies, evolve over time but remain true to the plan and design of creation – the perfecting of the human being.


The most amazing structures ever built were monuments to either the starry cosmos or its reflected microcosm in the human body. The dome of temple is the roof the human head that can imagine the language of the gods. The pillars of the temple are the moral effort of the aspirant to seek heavenly virtue instead of earthly vices. But the ground floor of the temple always comes back to the harmony of numbers found in the human form. 


Our Spirit is the Penultimate Spiritual Glass Bead Game


Our Spirit is an interactive Temple of Wisdom that invites the reader to become engaged in the process and go as far as he or she can--whether it is discovering our version of Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game or whether you prefer to seek wisdom through Sophia's Inner Sanctum. Both paths involve a synthesis of science, art, philosophy, history, current events, and religion in a grand symphony of corollaries and correspondences ubiquitously arising in all fields of knowledge. When the synthesis is arrived at, a new glass bead or an Inspiration is added to the ongoing harmonies and associations. Essentially, this is the way the spiritual world works. Inspirations arise and effect many areas of knowledge at once, but the individual must translate and reinterpret the luminous insight into practical application and integration it into their personal lives. It might be seen as a visually dramatic display of symphonic harmonies that causes the observer to dance magical movements that bring creative being into existence.

Something akin to lighting many candles from one flame or a hyper-connectedness that dissolves time and space into a pervasive consciousness that is aware of the container of endless space and can morph into higher dimensions where hierarchical beings live and feed human existence. When the aspirant develops higher dimensional thinking through raising thinking, feeling and willing into Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition, the pillars of the temple can raise the cosmological wisdom of the human body into the higher realms where virtue can transform the solid foundations of inherent wisdom into a human language of the spirit that can begin to hear and understand the language of the cosmos coming towards the aspirant.


Fortunately, the temple is filled with beings who will help you translate cosmos speech into the human moral speech of the heart.


Absorbing wisdom makes the aspirant permeable to the spirit, and the spirit beckons to the soul to take wing and mount the sky to the threshold of the spiritual world – the Temple of Wisdom, the Great Mother lodge of Humanity where the spirit of Sophia Christos lives and flows out of the temple as rivers of life. We can fly to this new home and drink deeply from the wells of wisdom where love and life flow as an eternal source of nourishment. It is to this end that Our Spirit has dedicated itself and has attempted in some small way to mirror that divine temple and share its eternal feast.


Come play with us in the field of consciousness.


Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

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