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Anthroposophia and the

Temple of Wisdom

      Sophia is called “wisdom” in the traditions of self-development and this Being helps and guides the aspirant in refining the intellect into the “gold of wisdom.”  Aspirants in almost all traditions seek wisdom in one form or another. 

      The Greeks worshiped Her in their “philosophia” – philo means love and Sophia means wisdom – lovers of wisdom.  She has many names in traditions of seeking spiritual advancement enlightenment.  The developing human intellect is a picture of the biography of Sophia which began around 2100 B. C. and continues with the development of each thinker. 

      Sophia is the collective consciousness of humanity which has gone through numerous stages.  She was known first as the Great Goddess or Great Mother.  As modern thinking began, the Great Mother became less clear for thinkers and She was sought after as Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.  Isis, Cybele, Ishtar, Innana and many others were known as the Great Mother but Sophia came to be known as TheoSophia, the Wisdom of God. 

      She became known as PhiloSophia, the Love of Wisdom.  Later, through the work of Rudolf Steiner She came to be known as AnthropoSophia, the Wisdom of Humanity.  Sophia has evolved alongside of humanity’s intellectual and spiritual evolution helping each thinker rise to the divine.  She is one with humanity’s self-development.


What is the Satya Yuga?

Sophia's Inner Sanctum

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