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For Spiritual Initiates Only

The Gospel of Sophia and Our Spirit are intended for spiritual initiates only.  If you are not on an esoteric path of conscious, self-directed initiation, the contents of these esoteric materials may not resonate with you at this time on your spiritual journey. How will you know if you are a spiritual initiate? Please read the materials offered on this site. If they stir your soul and spirit, you will know that you, the student, are ready, and a teacher has appeared.  


There are no gurus, priests, or masters on a path of self-initiation. If anyone approaches you as a "leader" of the Sisters of Sophia or Our Spirit movement, please be advised that we hold the view that the path of modern initiation lies in self-initiation.


Sophia's Inner Sanctum

Our Spirit Reflections on Neoanthroposophy

Eternal Curriculum

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