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New World Awakening

Douglas Gabriel of the American Intelligence Media explains how the Second American Revolution is a New World Awakening in which every citizen around the world can participate.
Please note that Douglas meant to say that Washington DC was founded in 1781 (not 1871--numbers flipped in his head) . And apologies for misspeaking about Turkey and NATO at 45:10. Douglas knows that Turkey became a member of NATO on February 16, 1952. He meant to say that Belarus was not a member of NATO.​

Unveiling the Soul in Today's Apocalypse

Author and lecturer Douglas Gabriel continues his discussions on the New World Awakening. Find out why he says we are all crossing the threshold during these historical times.


Source of the Force

Douglas Gabriel explains his background in creating the original Star Wars and the spiritual nature of its beloved characters.


Standing at the Threshold

Douglas explains the process of spiritual initiation.



Douglas explains the process of spiritual initiation.



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