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 Our Spirit Talks 

Enrich your spiritual studies with our 20-30 minute videos on a wide variety of spiritual topics. 

Find more videos like this at: YouTube Gospel of Sophia site. Also Douglas Gabriel on YouTube here. 

Douglas Gabriel discusses with Sky the nature of the ethers throughout time – from Ancient India to modern Theories of Everything. The nature of crystals, the development of spiritual perception, and human development of the capacities to embody transcendent awareness of eternity are also addressed in this profound conversation.

Douglas' 2019 book is a history of the grail tradition, illuminating the primary importance of the Maidens of Wells and the descent of Grail Queens from the Mother of Jesus to the Spanish infantado queens who possessed and guarded the holy blood relics - the grails of the Christians. 

Make sure to download this free PDF magazine on the Theory of Everything. Makes great resource  material for your study group:

Read our article from this free rendering:

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben continue their research into Holy Lance of Antioch.

A fairy tale of the north as read by Douglas Gabriel.y.

The raging debate about when Ahriman, the lord of death, will incarnate in a physical body is revealed most specifically by the great spiritual scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner and his followers called Anthroposophists.

The Divine Goddess is manifold in Her expression. She is the original revelation and the ubiquitous binding of all creation. She is the Mother-Bride-Consort of the Father God-Christ Jesus-Holy Spirit. She is the perfect example of what our own souls should become to be worthy and prepared for the uniting of our higher consciousness with our spirit source and future.

Evil is here to create an opportunity for good to become stronger. Suffering is there to create the chance to become free of attachment to the outside world. Every challenge is another opportunity for the giftedness in each of us to unfold. When we look upon the outside world and see the many terrible things going on, we can see an opportunity to work on our own point of view concerning these challenges. 

Sophia and Christ are like twin spirits who work together for the redemption of humanity. They are counterparts. They are united. As Christ came to the Earth to incarnate, so did Sophia. They came together. It is a complicated story that will be described later. Let us say for now that as Christ is the Son, or second person, in the Male Trinity, the Daughter of the Goddess is the second person in the Female Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Male Trinity just as the Holy Sophia is the third person in the Mother, Daughter, Holy Sophia Trinity.

Sophia Wisdom: Lecture by Dr. Douglas Gabriel

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