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Hidden History of the Grail Queens

Douglas' 2019 book is a history of the grail tradition, illuminating the primary importance of the Maidens of Wells and the descent of Grail Queens from the Mother of Jesus to the Spanish infantado queens who possessed and guarded the holy blood relics - the grails of the Christians. The essential element of the Holy Lance of Longinus and its provenance is compared to a comprehension historical study of all known associations with the "Spear of Destiny" that pierced the side of Jesus; spear and

The next stages of becoming human

Douglas and Tyla give a free rendering of their post entitled https://neoanthroposophy.com/2017/02/04/the-mystery-of-seven/

Searching for the REAL Holy Lance

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben continue their research into Holy Lance of Antioch.

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Finding the Blessed Isle: A Fairy Tale of the North

In the north, there is an island that looks desolate and barren to the uninitiated eye but is, in fact, home of the Master of the Threshold who guards a holy river where the narwhals go to take their last breath and die on the land they have always longed for, later, to be swept back into the sea at the river’s mouth to their final resting place. There, at the place where fresh water and saltwater meet, where land and sea create the shore; there, between land and water, the northern lights and t

Finding Sophia

Sophia is the original revelation and the ubiquitous binding of all creation. She is the Mother-Bride-Consort of the Father God-Christ Jesus-Holy Spirit. She is the perfect example of what our own souls should become to be worthy and prepared for the uniting of our higher consciousness with our spirit source and future.

Why is Evil Here?

Every challenge is another opportunity for the giftedness in each of us to unfold. When we look upon the outside world and see the many terrible things going on, we can see an opportunity to work on our own point of view concerning these challenges.

Sophia as Wisdom

Many descriptions of Wisdom offer the loftiest views of the spirit that words can describe. In the Old Testament, Wisdom was described as a human woman. Solomon, the wisest of men, sought Her above all else. Why is it that the descriptions of Her include so many faces from Creator to Lover? Could it be that the changing face of Sophia evolves with the person seeking her?

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