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How To Use Sigils

Eliminate the incoherent energy of the UPC barcode on the back our printed books, or any place you find a UPC code, by placing a sigil on the image.




Download, print, and use on any barcode image where incoherent energy needs to be transmuted.  The sigil sheet is formatted for Avery Template 5160 or Easy Peel Template 5660--both formats provide 30 labels per sheet.  Each label is 1" x 2 5/8". 


Please do not remove the words from the sigil as the words are an invocation and important element of the energetic quality of the sigil.  Sisters of Sophia and Glass Bead Game players will understand that the "e" is silent.  

Be creative with your sigil use. Place anywhere you wish to transform detrimental into beneficial energy. Print on clear labels and place at the corners of windows in your house. Place on supplement bottles, check books, underneath furniture, doorway thresholds, behind mirrors and hanging pictures, on your Sophia altar, etc.


You are only limited by your own imagination!  

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