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Biographies of the Divine Feminine Trinity

For the first time in print the secrets of the Mystery Schools and highest yoga tantra concerning the primacy of the Divine Feminine Trinity are revealed through self-evident scholarship and inspiring, panoramic views of the three Goddesses.  The biographies of a Mother Goddess, who created the world and is found in every creation story, the Daughter Goddess, who descended like Christ from heaven to redeem fallen matter, and The Holy Sophia, who travels along with humanity as it evolves, is told in detail with accompanying documentation that is historic and deeply stirring. 


The three biographies of the Mother, Daughter and The Holy Sophia conclusively answer all cosmological, philosophical and theological questions about the divine that have engaged the hearts and minds of thinkers since the beginning of time.  The Gospel of Sophia gives the reader an opportunity to see the divine pictured in ways that have never been offered in one book.  Volume I is a source text that points directly to the reader’s ability to experience the divine through the thinking, feeling, and willing aspects of the reader’s consciousness. 

A Modern Path

of Initiation

Building on the philosophical and theological foundations of The Gospel of Sophia, Volume 1, the second book in this series reveals the tools needed to activate what was given as morality training in the first book. 


In mystery schools there were often three stages or trials the aspirant would have to undergo before becoming an initiate.  The first stage is called Outer Mystery teachings, the next two are called Inner and Secret Mystery teachings.  The first stage of morality development and mental training called Outer Mystery teachings are necessary to understand the symbols and teachings of the Inner and Secret stages of initiation.


Volume 1 comprises the Outer Mystery teachings, Volume 2 reveals the Inner and Secret Mystery teachings.  It is highly recommended that the aspirant read Volume 1 before Volume 2 in order to understand the foundation needed for spiritual advancement. 


Sophia Christos Initiation

This third Volume in the GOS series brings forth a new synthesis of ancient and modern initiation inspired by The Most Holy Trinosophia, the Freemasonic initiation wrritten by the Comte de St. Germain, and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner who was one of the great modern initiates.


Sophia Christos speaks through the mental and moral training provided in Volumes 1 and 2 as a modern path of self initiation is taught to the reader. The Seven Pillars of Virtue and the Language of the Spirit manifesting in the twelve cosmic directions is at the heart of this new Temple of PanSophia. Each step of the initiation produces results upon the aspirant and required steps in moral development to proceed.  


As the aspirant advances into an initiate the cosmological world view in the soul expands to encompass the surrounding cosmos in a conscious way that interacts directly with Sophia (Wisdom) and Christos (Love). This experience changes the reader who becomes the aspirant knocking at the door of the spiritual world, asking to come in.

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