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Enjoy listening to Tyla and Douglas discuss this video series.  

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Machine Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence – the dangers of artificial intelligence and the future of humanity – defining the materialistic god of our time - Ahriman

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Science of the Holy Grail

The quest for wisdom-lore surrounding the Grail Queens, the Maidens of the Wells, and holy blood relics of Jesus Christ and his followers in “The Way”     

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The Seven Ethers as a Theory of Everything

From ancient Hindu philosophy to modern scientific theories concerning the ethers there is a comprehensive cosmology found in the science of the ethers

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Awakening the wisdom children

The literature and cultural icons needed by Wisdom Children to integrate the development of humanity into a healthy, living, and meaningful world-view

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Etherization of the Blood

The heart as central sense organ of the physical and spiritual worlds transforming earthly substance into cosmic food that nourishes self-development

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The nature of the Being of Wisdom – the biographies of the divine feminine and their relationship to the Being of Anthroposophia as found in Rudolf Steiner’s teachings

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The Future of Human Imagination

Join master teacher and author Douglas Gabriel in a discussion about human thinking vs machine functions. His guests are Michael McKibben, Founder and CEO of Leader Technologies and Andrew Linnell, Founder of MysTech.

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