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Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet

Welcome to Our Spirit's self-directed course which can help you activate the cosmic and earthly nutrition stream in order to ASCEND to higher consciousness and an active participation with the spiritual world. In order to activate the crown chakra, stimulating the pineal gland at its highest spiritual resonance, we need to bring harmony and balance to each chakra from bottom to top, making sure that the physical organs and systems associated with each is balanced at optimal levels.  As you go through the lessons, you will begin to activate the spiritual process of the etherization of the blood which Rudolf Steiner wrote about extensively.


If you would like to know more about the spiritual food chain, please see our magazine issue on Toroidal Fields and Plasma Generators. Or read our book A Modern Path of Initiation. The process of etherization of the blood is also explained in our article Spiritual Alchemy and the Etherization of the Blood.


The ASCEND course begins by focusing on the physical aspects of each chakra. As they are cleansed and purified, the initiate moves on to cleanse and balance emotional and spiritual energies. Each lesson strives to show you physical, emotional, and spiritual ways to achieve higher resonance and balance with each chakra.


This course is divided into OCTAVES (like in music) because once you have moved through all the chakra systems in one octave, your life vibration will be higher and you are ready to move to the next higher octave, starting with the foundation chakra and working up to the crown. We use eight chakras in the ASCEND program:






Solar Plexus





The program is self-directed so you ascend at your own pace; however, we provide you with regular lessons that will enhance your life vibration, step by step. Please spend at least 3 - 4 weeks on a lesson before moving to the next, unless you are confident that you have achieved resonance with the sacraments. Do not skip reading any section as the lessons build upon one another.  Please do not implement the sacraments if you have medical issues concerning the suggested protocol OR if the protocol does not resonate with you at this time OR if you feel you have achieved the desired resonance of the protocol. Remember there are no gurus or masters that can lead you to enlightenment; only through your own effort will you achieve knowledge of the higher worlds.


Because this is a self-directed educational program, you will be asked to read hyperlinked materials, view videos, and research topics in order to learn more about the chakra and its harmonizing sacraments. As with any course of study, you will only get as much value from it as the time and effort expended in your studies.


Self-Assessment. We suggest that you take a self-assessment before you begin the course so that you can determine what kind of progress you are making. CLICK HERE to download the self-assessment. Many times we forget our original symptoms once they disappear. The self-assessment will give you a reminder of what has been harmonized and what still needs attention.


Updates. Occasionally, we will need to refreshen a lesson because of a lost hyperlink or placement of new material. Please save this page URL so that you can refer to it whenever you want to check for the most up-to-date lesson plan.


Share with others. You are more than welcomed to share these lessons with others using our easy-to-share URLs at the top of the page. Each lesson can provide interesting study group materials to support your Gospel of Sophia studies.

Antidote 5G. Many of you were asking how to antidote the effects of EMFs and 5G so we prepared this article with instructions: How to Antidote EMFs and 5G?




Octave 1.1.jpg

Key Lessons: self-assessment, clean water, fluoride, metals & minerals, Himalayan salt, pineal gland


The foundation chakra is the fulcrum of the spine which provides uprightness and the ability to stand with equilibrium, freeing the hands for deeds only a human can do. The upright posture of the human being also frees the head to rest atop the body with the brain floating freely in cerebrospinal fluid. From foundation chakra to crown chakra, the upward motion of energy in the human body needs to begin upon a solid and stable foundation. It is the solidity of the earth beneath our feet that provides the resistance for humans to press downward with gravity while at the same time freeing the human to ascend through the chakras with levity.  

Octave 1.2.jpg

Key Lessons: living water, EMFs & 5G, organics, consciousness


The Creation Chakra is a gift of the gods to humans that share the responsibility of creation.  Humans are gods when they help create a new body that can temporarily house an immortal human spirit.  This gift is so powerful that few humans have understood the genesis and evolution of human procreation.  Power lies in the second chakra and its mysteries, the mysteries of life that have yet to be fathomed.

hara chakra.jpg

Key Lessons: bowel consciousness, enzymes, Pottenger cats, food irradiation, soil & seeds, biodynamics, permaculture


This power, or energy, is called the “fierce woman” or the “fire in the belly” that is used to heat the three energy channels running up the spine. Each chakra adds to the energy that coils through its petals bringing forces of fire and levity that transmute the material energy of the world into a more refined energy used by the chakras.

Octave 1.4.jpg

Key Lessons: liver health, Andreas Moritz liver flush, sonic geometry


The Solar Plexus Chakra controls digestion which is the source of nutrition for the body. The liver, gallbladder, pancreas and intestines work together to take the flames of the Hara and use them to burn and digest food as a source for human energy that can lead to consciousness. Good food provides the basic material that is broken down and turned into specifically human bio-energy. It is not the food that provides the direct energy, it is the process of digestion and the total annihilation of the food that causes the human body to take the digested substance and turn it into a new substance that can be assimilated into the biological energy of the human body. 

Octave 1.5.jpg

Key Lessons: heart, colloidal silver water, white and ascension cells, essential fatty acids, endocrine system


The Heart Chakra is where the progressive aspirant begins the spiritual path after “taming” the lower chakras and bringing them into alignment. Through an alchemical process of transforming the four basic elements into higher, more refined and ionized elements the aspirant climbs the rungs of the ladder that leads to spiritual development. 

Octave 1.6.jpg

Key Lessons: urine and saliva pH, baking soda uses, candida buster recipe, iodine, thyroid health

The warm air of the Hara Chakra is refined now in the Throat Chakra through the heart’s transformation of the outer world into a “blaze of meaning and wonder” that arises from human speech.  Speech gave birth to thinking by naming things and thus meaning and understanding became possible.  This type of outer consciousness spans the realm of air and carries with it the higher passions of the heart to spiritually develop and ascend to the spiritual realms. 

Octave 1.7.jpg

Key Lessons: toxic and heavy metals flush, dangers of vaccines, ionic toothbrush, mineral baths

The Brow Chakra has been symbolized as a bolt of lightning or a rainbow bridge that can carry the aspirant into the spiritual world. There is always water involved in this process as oxygen is the substance that must be ionized to add to carbon and nitrogen. A new fluidity of light and sound comes to life in this chakra. Fluid waves of sounding images fill the aspirant as the Brow Chakra is aligned with all of the chakras below. The plasma of the heart ignites the air of space with meaning in the throat while the fluidity of the brow unites the meaning of light with wisdom that contains all.  

Octave 1.8.jpg

Key Lessons: calcium supplementation, pineal gland, magnesium oil, vitamin D, St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal, masters and avatars


When Imagination and Inspiration unite together, Intuition has the possibility to alight. Intuition causes all of the transformed substances and soul forces to vibrate in resonance with the divine. It is the fulfillment of the efforts of the aspirant. Once the aspirant can raise these forces consciously up the central channels and deposit calcium carbonate crystals in the pineal gland, the accompanying lightning bolts of the spiritual world flashes through the mid-brain down to the pituitary gland causing it to excrete the nectar of the gods. These processes of the cosmic and earthly nutrition streams connect us to the higher hierarchies as symbiotic partners in spiritual evolution. We feed the gods and the gods feed us.  


Advanced lessons are coming. 


Soma and the Tree of Life

The endocannabinoid system in the human body is one of the most exciting new discoveries of the century, yet you can hardly find an American who knows that cannabis, in all its forms, feeds and nourishes this most important system of the body that controls the endocrine gland system. In just the last five years, the primal importance of the endocannabinoid system has shocked medical science and has rewritten what we know about the human body.

What is the big secret of cannabis that has caused so much obfuscation, conflation, confabulation and nonsensical lies that have driven society to worship or revile this plant? What magical properties of this plant have caused 10,000 years of recorded history to spend so much time on figuring out all of the wondrous effects that can be derived from its substances?

etheric realm.jpg

The Human Heart

A Supersensible Organ of Perception

Dr. Douglas Gabriel authors this extensive publication on the human heart. Free PDF e-book inside link below. 

The self-applied 'treatments" or "protocols" are called SACRAMENTS. Each sacrament is intended to provide spiritual nourishment to one or more chakras. The purpose of nourishing our chakras is to reconnect with the spiritual world, with full consciousness of who we are as Self, yet becoming One with Sophia Christos.  


Please consider these as sacraments for the First Church of Sophia Christos, your individual expression of a religion where you build your personal Temple of Wisdom, reconnecting with the Divine Feminine Trinity. The Temple of Wisdom is explained in our Gospel of Sophia series. We hold our U. S. First Amendment rights to practice all aspects of our spiritual expression, including sacraments that are directed to health and well being. For those that do not see these sacraments as part of the First Church of Sophia Christos, yet see value in this art of living, we ask you to familiarize yourself with our medical disclaimer

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