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Our Spirit Magazine

        Mystery teachings carry great power to advance the serious aspirant. 

Full self-initiation into the highest stages of spiritual development is possible in one life without a physical teacher. The key is to KNOW HER, the One who can aid and guide you along the path She has trodden Herself.

       All great teachers have had direct experiences with spiritual beings of Wisdom that taught them how to advance on their spiritual journey. Many of these teachers have written down this knowledge for others following them on the path. 

       The mission of Our Spirit is to share the teachings that have nourished the authors as they have traveled this path over many lifetimes. Milestones and markers have been placed on the path by those who have traveled before and aspirants can use them to guide their way.

      Finding and translating those symbols and markers is the message, the good news (gospel) of Sophia.




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