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Are there Antichrists and False Prophets in Anthroposophy? 

Post by Douglas Gabriel

    After being repeatedly asked this question from several social media sites, I offer my opinion, notwithstanding that using the Internet to communicate these esoteric matters is somewhat problematic, hence the full commentary on this page.

   Simply put, yes, anthroposophy is a breeding ground for antichrists and false prophets. Steiner warned that this would happen and indeed before his funeral was over the “war in Dornach” began and, in many ways, was similar to the “war in heaven.”  Some prideful anthroposophists cast (and were cast) down from Dornach Hill.  Sadly, the Anthroposophical Society died at that time and has since been a hollow shell of the spirit even with the efforts of many striving Anthroposophist (Vorstand members included).  

    Steiner was born a clairvoyant and started a school for spiritual development to support and create clairvoyants.  After his death, there were no clairvoyants of his stature so his students and followers fought with one another as to who among them was the most spiritually developed and most capable leader(s) of the organization going forward.  But with all of the infighting, the Anthroposophical Society seemed fated from birth to be a failure. 

    Although true anthroposophists know that Steiner’s teachings reside in their hearts, not the Anthroposophical Society or Dornach Hill, the demise of the organization as an institution has been troubling. Society problems have been non-stop and no successor to Steiner has joined the executive council.  The Anthroposophical Society is dead, but Steiner’s teachings live on. 

The second Goetheanum is a tomb for an unknown, fallen warrior of the spirit.  His legacy does not live in the current Goetheanum or any of the misleading versions of anthroposophy.  Since his death, Steiner’s name has been attached to the most grotesque distortions of the spirit imaginable under the guise of anthroposophy.  Truly un-christian versions of confabulated nonsense parade as anthroposophy in many books and abundantly in online groups.  Until his death, Sergei O. Prokofieff was the defender of the faith and “took on” opponents through books, lectures, and a complete openness to discuss and debate his positions.  Even he was saddened by what Dornach has become.  He knew that that the Foundation Stone Meditation, not a place on Dornach Hill, is the key to anthroposophy being enkindled in our hearts.   

    Christ appeared on Earth and worked amongst great evil.  A similar thing happened to Steiner.  We should not be surprised, but in fact we should have been ready, to see the signs and develop the personal discernment to know right from wrong, truth from fantasy, false prophets from true ones.  This is in fact a key element in the teachings of Steiner which many of his followers lacked. 

    Being a member of the Anthroposophical Society, studying the work of Steiner, or claiming any other supposed “spiritual” authentication for “new insights” beyond Steiner’s indications does not work as authentication of spirituality.  We are all supposed to have developed a keen sense for truth by “applying” the teachings of Steiner.  The spirit is “known by its works” of morality in the world. 

    Self-proclaimed prophets must be tested and discerned with the moral organ of our heart where there should be a throne for Christ.  Each of us are the ultimate judge of whether a teacher is telling us something that fires our spiritual will to loving deeds born of freedom, or not. That is what the teachings of Steiner have produced in his students, countless spiritual endeavors and the good work of Christ in the world through loving, selfless deeds.  This is the standard we all can use to measure what anyone tells us is supposedly spiritual, true, or inspired.


Early Self-Proclaimed Prophets

     Let us examine a few of the early cases of people who thought they “went beyond Steiner” in their spiritual authentication, teachings, books, and works.  All students of anthroposophy, and most theosophists, know of the claim made by Annie Besant that Jiddu Krishnamurti was the Christ incarnate.  There is nothing like the attention that “claiming” to be Christ brings.  Claiming to be the second person in the Holy Trinity provides the claimant an undebatably superior position. 

    When C. W. Leadbeater, a prominent theosophist and close friend of Annie Besant, supposedly discovered the new “world teacher” on a beach in India he believed a new age had come.  Leadbeater was a self-proclaimed clairvoyant and could “tell by the boy’s aura” that he was Christ reincarnated.  Are you aware that Leadbeater was later charged with numerous counts of misconduct with young boys, including Krishnamurti? 

    Besant had been Leadbeater’s partner in writing books inspired by fantasies derived from drug use.  Steiner took odds with the obvious “false prophet” and left the Theosophical Society over the issue.  Fortunately, Krishnamurti refused to accept the lies and nonsense of Leadbeater and Besant and left the Theosophical Society before the announcement to the world that Christ had returned.  Krishnamurti was a decent person who taught appealing ideas, but his followers have done little in the world with his ideas.  Even Krishnamurti’s ideas about education came from Steiner.  Here is the first example of a case of a false prophet who accomplished little enduring good except some agreeable spiritual books.

   This case shows why there is an occult law that says that an individual’s previous incarnation, or their spiritual identity, should not be revealed until one hundred years after their death.  The validity of the revelation of a spiritual person is judged by what lives on and keeps helping accomplish the will of the Divine.  Unfortunately, this gives us only hindsight and not the discernment and sense for truth that we need to measure the claims of people who use “spiritual authentication” as a preliminary to their teachings.  Usually, great claims are a sign of fraud, the exact opposite of what the claim seems to authenticate.


 Valentin Tomberg: Another False Prophet

     Valentin Tomberg (1900-1973) was a Russian who practiced Eastern Orthodoxy, theosophy, Hermetic Martinism (Freemasonry), anthroposophy, and Roman Catholicism.  Obviously, just by the list of his practices, we might see that he was spiritually confused.  Towards the end of his life, he completely renounced all of his previous “spiritual” work and then plagiarized the Martinist approach to the Tarot, used by Papus, to thinly disguise his attempt to exonerate the Catholic Church of all its sins and demonstrate that the anonymous author of the Meditations on the Tarot was, and always will be, true to the Pope in Rome. 

    Tomberg plagiarized Steiner and added his own “insights” whenever and wherever he believed Steiner needed help in understanding the deeper side of things, whether it be the Old and New Testament, the Lord’s Prayer, Steiner’s anthroposophy, Russian Sophiology, international law, or basically any subject at all. 

   Tomberg claimed that Steiner and his society had failed and that he, Tomberg, was the Kalki Avatar and the Maitreya Buddha in one body.  This claim alone goes against all traditional Eastern and Western teachings. Tomberg left every group he was involved with in a huff because the group did not recognize his self-proclaimed, highly developed spiritual stature.  He died alone with no followers, and he asked that all of his previous works be ignored as folly and nonsense. 

    It is only because of the dogged insistence of Robert Powell that Tomberg’s works have been resurrected, against Tomberg’s wishes.  Powell uses Tomberg as authentication and justification for much of his own work.  But Powell is a separate case we will discuss below.  Tomberg’s anthroposophical books were printed underground and the ground swell

of Tombergism effected Dornach like an illness for decades.  After years of banning the books, Tomberg’s and Powell’s books have since been stocked in the Goetheanum bookstore.  The Tombergites wore a different colored hat to denote them from the other factions in Dornach. 

     If Powell had not proclaimed that Tomberg was the author of Meditations, and help translate and reprint Tomberg’s works, against his written wishes, Tomberg would be a passing footnote.  As is Powell has disclosed to the world the author’s name.  The reason Tomberg wanted Meditations anonymous is because it is plagiarism.  


Other False Prophets Among Us

    Any discerning student of Steiner will see that Tomberg is much like Judith von Halle in that they supposedly “speak out of anthroposophy” but then add their own “fantasies” that do not agree with Steiner at all and don’t tell you where Steiner’s thoughts end and their thoughts begin.  Often these authors simply confabulate what they want and glue it onto Steiner’s teachings, using Steiner’s association as authentication. 

    This is beyond being a “false prophet.”  This falls into the activity of Ahriman, the asuras, and the teachings of the sun-demon Sorath.  These slippery misrepresentations of Steiner’s teachings are, in fact, machinations of evil working through these authors subconsciously and unconsciously.  They believe their own fantasies to be real and can’t tell where Steiner ends and they begin.  This is why we have so many people claiming to be Steiner reincarnated. 

     One would think that it would be easy to see the antichrists in our time because we have Steiner and other great initiates to guide us away from such twisted versions of the truth.  These attempts at usurping spiritual authority via association with great teachers is a game of one-upmanship that uses every deadly sin to attract the unwitting aspirant.  Using Steiner, or other external authority of any spiritual nature, makes it even harder to discern the truth because truth is mixed with lies.  Lucifer is the father of lies; Ahriman the king of deception; and Sorath and the asuras lure the aspirant towards spiritual materialism.  The devil often uses truths to prove lies. 

    Basically, anyone who needs to claim spiritual authority is probably not spiritual.  Humility, joy, love, and openness surround true spiritual teachers like Steiner.  Claiming stigmata, inedia (not eating), direct perception of Christ’s passion, exclusive connections to spiritual streams, or any other outer claim is useless non-sense, and certainly doesn’t make a person more spiritual or more correct than another.  

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    We do not need any other spiritual authority but Christ, Sophia, the hierarchy, or our own pure heart to reach the spirit.  No spiritual teacher can give you clairvoyance or claim superior clairvoyance except those that are imbued by Ahriman and the asuric followers of Sorath.  Steiner told us that in America, Ahriman would grant a mechanical form of clairvoyance without the prerequisite spiritual morality.  The clairvoyance endowed by Ahriman’s mechanical occultism creates many different impressions of the spirit that do not correspond with truth.  Each fake clairvoyant has a different story to tell.  They do not address the etheric Christ because Ahriman and Lucifer cannot see Christ.  A key tool of discerning whether a teaching is true or not is to compare that teacher’s view of Christ and His second coming to a reliable source. 


    This is a breaking point for discernment of false prophets and antichrists as the limits of the “seer” are expressed in his or her view of Christ’s resurrection in the etheric realm.

    Max Heindel (real name: Carl Louis von Grasshoff 1865-1919) was an anthroposophist in Steiner’s time that, like Tomberg, felt that he was not given enough spiritual credit for his spiritual abilities.  He believed he was “beyond” Steiner and felt snubbed after his very short association with Steiner.  He moved to California where he started his own mystery school inspired directly by the “Elder Brother” Christian Rosenkreutz.  Heindel wrote one principal book and then secret lessons.  Heindel continued the rest of his life to have to justify his first book as “not taken from Dr. Steiner.” After the first book met claims of plagiarism, his teachings became the secret content of his mystery school and not for public scrutiny.  As Rudolf Steiner once said when asked about Heindel and his work: “Anything can grow in California.”

     Heindel did not point at the most important spiritual event of our time, the second coming of Christ.  He did not have insight into the etheric realm and, therefore, his teachings could be easily tested, which were found to be limited and outright false.  Weak-minded people get involved in his works and never find any truth about Christ, let alone Christ’s current activities in the etheric realm.  Thus, poor Max was an unwitting antichrist.  Not a very powerful one for sure, but still he claimed spiritual authority and authentication which was not demonstrated in his teachings or works.  His organization is spiritually bankrupt and has done little to help the world.  His works are now insignificant ruminations of a failed spiritual teacher.


   Often, ego delusion accompanies the grotesque spiritual claims of individuals who need spiritual authentication.  I recently did a count of people currently claiming to be the Maitreya Buddha and stopped after a dozen.  The audacious claims of these deluded individuals get grander all the time because it is difficult to debate or check them when the Internet is so unbridled.  Anyone can claim to be superman or superwoman and no one challenges them.  No one does what we used to do: challenge bogus claims to public debate where substantiation and verification is required, not just grandiose claims that are never looked into.

     If you cannot see Christ in the etheric, you are not clairvoyant.  There is a spiritual war in heaven that has come into the etheric realm.  All accurate clairvoyants that I have encountered personally have witnessed these events in the etheric realm as the foremost crux of spiritual development in our time.  Teachings that lead away from these spiritual realities are a sign for the discerning aspirant to move away from those ideas and move towards Christ.  Thus, many people are instruments of the antichrist and don’t realize it.  They have fallen prey to Lucifer’s pride, Ahriman’s egotism, and the anti-Christian teachings of the sun demon, Sorath.  False prophets arise even easier by simple pride that becomes inflated until only the egotism of the individual can be seen.


Robert Powell and other Contemporary False Prophets

     Then there is the case of Robert Powell, who Prokovieff dismissed with a footnote, but I believe is much more insidious because of his unbridled pride and arrogance.  Powell claims to be an anthroposophist and eurythmist (visible speech and music through dance) but in fact has taken every indication of Steiner’s that was considered secret and the private property of the different sections of anthroposophy and made them public.  He fancies himself to be the ultimate authority through claiming exclusive rights to Tomberg, spiritual eurythmy, astrology, astrosophy, sacred dance, the life of Christ, all astronomy and subsequent timing derived from it, the true astrology, Anne Catherine Emmerich, and a host of other supposed spiritual topics. 

   There is nothing that Powell does not claim to know, according to his twenty-four or so books.  But if you read the books, they don’t agree on hundreds of points.  Powell simply makes it up as he goes along and uses four different types of astrology to claim spiritual authority for his confabulations. Tomberg and Steiner don’t mix. Only a person who had not read both thoroughly could ever equate the two, let alone claim Tomberg is the Kalki Avatar and Maitreya Buddha in one body. 

    Powell tells us that the being of Sophia is in three places: 1) in a far-away arm of the galaxy, 2) in the inner layers of the earth, and 3) incarnated in Judith von Halle (a claim she has yet to make herself).

     I have read all of Powell’s books and studied with him personally and was a part of the Sophia Foundation for years.  His teachings are nonsensical, driven by an astronomically deluded egotist.  Powell has the nerve to state in his recent book that he knows the exclusive exercises that “put on the resurrection body of Christ.”  He has even invented a holy eucharist with milk and honey which makes him the head of his own church. 

   Powell and Estelle Isaacson, in their recent books, claim that Mary Magdalene is the combination of Christ and Mary in one body.  They also claim that Tomberg is communicating with them and therefore they have cornered the market on the Kalki Avatar and Maitreya Buddha.  Isaacson goes so far as to claim she is now higher than Powell because she went into the seventh heaven and received new eurythmy gestures directly from Jesus and Mary.  Powell has been usurped in his antichrist teachings by his own student!  I imagine that he might have felt the way Steiner felt when false prophets and antichrists cropped up in anthroposophy before his eyes. 

     Powell is dangerous because he has taken secret teachings, which Steiner specifically said not to distribute, and made them public, and uses these indications to determine “who is who” in terms of spiritual teachers reincarnating.  So far, beside the small groups of cosmic dancers that he has trained, nothing but confusion, misguidance, and fantastic egotism has come from Powell’s work.  That is, unless we consider the negative responses to Powell that have been solicited by the very spiritual groups he claims to represent.

    Powell is both a false prophet and an antichrist because he knows exactly what he is doing.  He has taken anthroposophical secrets and proudly sports them as his authentication, authority, and personal domain.  Powell counts on his followers not reading all of his books, or else the emperor would not have new clothes, but would, in fact, be naked.


    Teresa Gahart Bindewald is an American who has asked the executive council of the Anthroposophic Society to resign and turn over the keys to the Goetheanum to her because she is Rudolf Steiner reincarnated.  First, anyone who thinks Dornach is an authentication of spiritual authority is sadly mistaken and shows that she is probably not clairvoyant.  Steiner’s teachings live our in heart, not Dornach.  Thinking that a place is spiritual is incorrect and anyone who wants to claim Dornach as some special spiritual center is an obvious fraud and perhaps a false prophet or an antichrist. 

    Teresa is neither.  She is elementally possessed and has few teachings one way or another.  She has nothing to say essentially and anyone who would follow her is following sensationalistic spiritual materialist.  One hears of Teresa walking through a graveyard in Napa Valley, California, and getting “messages” from the tombstones.  Need I say more?  One deluded student of hers and a one-book author, Richard Distasi, is a familiar name to social media participants.  He constantly posts twisted versions of Steiner, Tomberg, Powell, Gahart and who knows what non-stop.  His outrageous posts can be read on at least forty-seven sites, long articles that claim that neither Christ nor Jesus died on the Cross – it was John the Baptist instead! 

    He gets some of his new ideas from Gahart, his teacher.  It is sad to see clear thinking students of Steiner battle this egotist online to no avail.  He just keeps on posting and never engages in conversation, debate, nor answers questions about his sources of remarks that he is associating with Steiner.  Gahart and Distasi never have to answer to anyone.  Distasi’s book is so confused that I don’t think he even remembers what he says as he moves onto his newest idea that is shocking and “beyond Steiner.” 

    There are about a dozen people that I have known personally who claim to be Steiner reincarnated.  Even if one of them were Steiner, that doesn’t mean he or she would be “spiritual” in this incarnation.  Are you seeing a pattern?  Any claim to spiritual authority in our day is an oxymoron!  Anyone who blindly believes these claims is simply a spiritual infant.  We should test the teachings of these people in the moral organ of the heart and discern what sounds true, eternal, and gives life.  

Judith von Halle

    Judith von Halle claims in her books to have stigmata, infallible clairvoyance, and inedia. I hope by now that none of you think that those claims should mean anything.  First, they are unsubstantiated by anyone and “appeared” after Peter Tradowsky and Judith were fired for wrongful activities and undermining the anthroposophical work in Berlin.  During the investigation of their wrong doings, they created a splinter group to continue their undermining activities under the name “The Free Association of Anthroposophy.” 

    Conveniently, Tradowsky, in his own words, “noticed the stigmata on Halle’s left hand during a lecture they were attending”, and thus her stigmata was born by the observation of the only person, that I have heard, that has “seen” these wounds or witnessed her inedia.  After a two year investigation, they were found to be unethical and offenders and were fired from their positions in Berlin.  

    Now Halle’s followers, including the big money donors of anthroposophy, want to place Halle as the sole member of the executive council of the Anthroposophic Society on the Dornach Hill.  One would think that this form of false prophet and antichrist would be the easiest to “see through” due to the preposterous claims of two people found guilty of wrongdoing against anthroposophy.  But no, the bigger the claim, the more authority! 

What has come from Halle’s work?  All I see are poorly written books, horribly translated, that spout nonsense that is associated with, but not truly the teachings of Steiner.  If Halle is all that, why does she need Steiner, Dornach, a carpentry shop in Dornach, or anthroposophists?  Who are her followers?  The money backers of the Society, the weak-minded students 

of Steiner, the spiritual materialists in the Society, and the casual students of Steiner who study a smorgasbord of other spiritual paths.  I still haven’t met a single follower of Halle’s that is willing to engage in substantiated discussion or debate. 

    People disparately want to believe that Steiner was right that clairvoyance can be developed.  Steiner is correct!  Clairvoyance can be developed, not channeled through disincarnate beings, not found through time travel, not found in “only” the passion of Christ while ignoring the resurrection, not found through denial of food, not found through stigmata, not found through a self-proclaimed teacher but is, in fact, the personal spiritual responsibility of the individual.  Steiner didn’t want followers, he wanted spiritual scientists who stand on their own two feet, who do not grasp for “a sign”, or get caught up with “who is who” in the spiritual rankings of masters and initiates.  That’s why Steiner gave his teachings--so each of us can take control of our own self-initiation with the help of AnthropoSophia, Christ, Michael, our guardian angels and all the saints and hierarchies who stand ready at every moment to help us.  

    Gilgamesh was told by Utnapishtim that if he could stay awake for three days he could attain immortality.  Many spiritual traditions focus on being able to stay awake for days without losing consciousness.  Steiner pointed out that this practice was part of initiation in the past.  Therefore, according to the logic that denying food and water is a good spiritual practice, we could conclude that all insomniacs who don’t sleep at all must then be great spiritual masters because they have not slept for years.  Instead, the opposite is true.  Insomniacs have a chemical illness with clear pathology.  Christ fasted for forty days and then not again, according to the Bible.  Christ did not deny food after he conquered the trial of fasting.  He sanctified all food and drink through the Last Super.  If you haven’t conquered the trial of fasting, perhaps refusal of food is an illness with chemical sources that follow normal pathology just as insomnia.  There have been many who claim “not to eat” and most are found to be frauds once they commit to scrutiny. 

    Stigmata leaves Christ on the cross and doesn’t move on to resurrection.  This should be simple for an aspirant to surmise.  Christ is being re-crucified in the etheric realm, not re-crucified in Jerusalem.  To be stuck on the passion and death of Christ is to deny the resurrection.  To claim to “see” the passion of Christ is no sign of being spiritually developed. 

It is the content of those descriptions that should stand on their own as spiritual insight.  For Halle to simply parrot Anne Catherine Emmerich’s “seeing” of the passion of Christ is quite naïve and unconvincing.  No one, accept Robert Powell and his followers take Emmerich’s supposed writings as serious.  The Catholic Church completely rejects the confabulated writings of Clements Brentano and considers them fraudulent and not from Emmerich.  Her writings were rejected by the committee for beatification as “writings of a romantic poet that have no basis in Sister Emmerich’s holy virtues.”  Claiming to “see” or perceive the time of Christ is not spiritual, and, in fact, may lead to anti-spiritual streams.

    If we examine the content of Halle’s books that are translated into English, there is nothing that either wasn’t plagiarized from Steiner and Emmerich, or totally anti-christian by flying in the face of all tradition.  Halle claims that only her and Emmerich seem to know the true shape of the cross, the holy island in the Jordan that popped up for Christ’s baptism, the nature and whereabouts of the grail, why evil black-magic nails had to be used on Jesus Christ, and a host of other twisted and distorted ideas that make her “stand out” as the “new clairvoyant” whose words cannot be questioned because of her flawless methodology backed by inedia and stigmata. 

    Really?  Is there any higher claim she could make?  Oh, yes, Powell says Halle is Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.  Oops, we forgot about Powell’s claims about the Kalki, Maitreya, Mary Magdalene, and of course, Jesus and Mary.  Hopefully Powell and Isaacson will remember that they forgot to crown Halle with those titles.  Oops again, I believe they both insinuated that they were the combined Kalki and Maitreya, or channeled Tomberg from the spiritual world, or something to that effect.  These unsolved riddles of “who is who” could cause conflict again between the self-proclaimed “heir apparents” to Rudolf Steiner’s work. 

    Both Halle and Powell have surrounded themselves with followers in a controlled environment and are not open to the public at all.  Even public lectures don’t allow questions.  Attendees to Powell’s seminar are told that they must sign an acknowledgement that they agree to page 614 of Meditations on the Tarot to attend.  The particular passage suggests that he is claiming to be an exalted spiritual being as it reads, “the Kalki Avatar awaited by the Hindus and the Maitreya Buddha awaited by the Buddhists will manifest as a single personality.”  Oops—looks like his female students lead by Isaacson had enough of his ego and trumped him by claiming that they receive teachings directly from Jesus and Mary.  

    Once these false prophets have spoken, the encyclical has been given and there is no need for questions because they are both infallible.  Strangely enough, they don’t agree on many different ideas found in their respective books.  Powell’s announcement that Halle is Sophia was not acknowledged by her, or perhaps Powell and Halle could ascend the Dornach Hill together.  Fortunately, Powell is adept at changing his predictions in his books without people noticing.  Powell has convinced his followers that he has “discovered” many new “facts” in astronomy and this is proof of his brilliance.  Powell has made no discoveries that any field of science has recognized.  Halle, on the other hand, only makes fantastic remarks that cannot be checked out because they are in the past or cannot be verified. 

    As we look at the “good works” of Powell and Halle, again they are similar.  Not only do they both make fantastic claims that are either unsubstantiated or unprovable but they expect their followers to close ranks and not let the unbelievers through the door.  Both are beyond scrutiny, by their own claims.  Halle has Jesus and Mary in her pocket and Powell has all the planets, stars, and all of history under his control. 


    I look for healings, self-sacrifice and the inspiration arising from the ideas of a teacher as the measure of their wisdom and veracity.   But with the authors that I have noted above, I see mostly dissension, arguments, fighting, and confusion arising from their work.  Their books are woven together with Steiner’s ideas that end up in a muck of Emmerich, astrology, and nonsense.  I do not find any new truths in their works but do find many distortions of Steiner and false claims to spiritual authenticity.   Basically, Powell and Halle represent the antithesis of anthroposophy tinged with fantastic egotism paraded as spiritual authority and wisdom.  I know of no true and studied student of Steiner’s that can say that Powell or Halle represent Steiner’s thought. 

    They are both false prophets and antichrists in the truest sense of the words.  We are dealing with deliberately constructed fantasies claiming to be spiritual reality and authenticated by unbelievable claims. 

    The sign that you have been hooked on these most clever presentations of pseudo-anthroposophy is that you become fascinated with the personality or writings of these individuals.  Steiner warns against this problem that we name today as the “cult of personality.”  These cults steal the ego through blind faith and leave the followers “fascinated.”  They become transfixed and willingly give their ego development to a “teacher” who they believe will do the work for them and connect to the spiritual world through “signs and wonders.”  This type of “fascination” is called evil by Steiner and often proudly parades as spiritual.   These polar opposites are the seeds of the antichrist that steal ego development from the individual.  These types of false prophets always “make up” new stuff to keep the followers interested.  It is in these attempts at “going beyond Steiner” where the fraudulent teachers trip up and make silly remarks that are diametrically opposed to the very spiritual sources from which they claim authority.


Love Can Help You See Truth

    I suggest the ultimate test for all spiritual teachers is simply love.  Meet them and see if they exude love and inspire you to courageous deeds of love born from freedom.  If you are only able to read these teachers' works, then let them sound in your heart for the truth of the matter.  Don’t let anyone do your spiritual homework for you! 

    There are no more spiritual churches, human authorities, or human guides for the personal development of the individual spirit.  We are supposed to be able to witness Christ’s living activity in the etheric realm and “see” Christ each night as we pass the threshold between the physical world and the spiritual world as we go to sleep.  Christ and Sophia are closer to you than any human teacher can ever be. 

    We do not need any human spiritual teachers in this age because all of us have been dragged across the threshold whether we like it or not.  If you don’t see Christ all around you in both realms, you will find yourself in some personal hell realm or simply the void, which produces the neurosis, psychosis, and aberrations of sex and violence all around us in the physical world.  Hell and heaven have been unleashed and there is no time to run to a human authority to ask what to do next.  If you don’t know what is next, perhaps a false prophet or an antichrist will be what you run to when the threshold approaches instead of Christ working in the etheric realm. 

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