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Masters and Avatars Continued  

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Blavatsky’s Theosophical Masters – Real or Imagined?

Masters, according to Helena P. Blavatsky, are adepts who once lived on earth and could have chosen to retire to eternal bliss upon attaining the highest level of enlightenment and degree of perfection, but who instead remained in this world, directing their concern towards humanity. The Masters attempt to guide human beings on the evolutionary path, spurring them forward on the road towards unity. They live on the astral plane and are capable of doing extraordinary things, such as materializing in the form of earthly bodies. Ever since the time that Blavatsky encountered them in trance and spoke out about them they have been a central element in the esoteric tradition. The Masters mentioned below are the ones with whom Blavatsky was acquainted.

Finding St. Germain: Modern Sources Revealed Truth of Ancient Teachings

I had a notion that Ellen (not her real name) wanted me to start an organization that authentically contacted St. Germain and the masters. She had said numerous times that she would fund the project just as she had funded the early work of the Aquarian Foundation and Summit Lighthouse.


A wealthy benefactor interested in having a direct connection to St. Germain, Ellen had met Keith Rhinehart at one of his renowned séances where he famously would go into a “closet,” draw the curtain, and in the dark emit ectoplasm from his eyes, ears, and mouth (even with tape over them) that would form a shape of a master, or anyone the inquiring person was asking about. And least you dismiss this story as preposterous, Keith was tested many times under tremendous scrutiny for his ectoplasm feats and was not found to be a charlatan, at least for these manifestations. 

Incarnations of St. Germain as Compiled by John Barnwell

After reading Douglas Gabriel’s post on the Secret Incarnations of St. Germain, the aspirant may want further insight into the indications that Rudolf Steiner and his pupils gave regarding St. Germain’s incarnations. This compilation of Steiner lectures are supplemental materials for advanced students of the Masters and Avatars series posted at  


Offshoots of Theosophy and Anthroposophy

This chart many be helpful to those who are new to Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and Neoanthroposophy in order to see how these esoteric philosophies are related to one another.  CLICK below to download a copy.

Conversations with St. Germain: Nibiru and Schumann Wave

In my most recent conversation with ascended master St. Germain, I had the opportunity to ask him questions about Nibiru, the Schumann Wave, and other related phenomena that are trending on social media and independent news. 


As always, he was most helpful in his answers and appreciates helping us navigate the higher dimensional landscape that many of us are experiencing. Sometimes we still hold on to 3D/4D language and concepts to understand our new 5D reality, so he is happy to guide us in our conscious understanding of these matters. As an initiate of Sophia Christos, I share this update with my spiritual brothers and sisters., we engaged in our conversation. The transcript follows:

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