The enzyme manufacturer that we hired to produce VIBES will no longer place orders for small customers like us. We are no longer able to offer you our unique enzyme formula. However, taking enzymes with your meals could not be more important today with food and agriculture industries eliminating enzymes through the GMO process or irradiating produce and meats in order to destroy the enzyme, thereby giving the food product a longer shelf life. 

We encourage you to find an enzyme product that works for you. We kept enough Vibes to last our family for the next ten years -- and hopefully we can re-offer Vibes to you if/when we find a manufacturer willing to make small batches of 100,000 capsules in a batch.

Douglas Gabriel describes the spiritual significance of enzymes in this short video.


Take the symptoms self-evaluation before you begin taking your enzyme product so that you will see if they give you the results you need.


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