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St. Germain Explains Artificial Intelligence and the Internet

“Gather the dried sage and lavender, Sophia,” Tyla said to her granddaughter as they entered the small herb garden. “I will do some watering.”

The day was warm and blustery with the evening sun casting a magical golden light over the garden and pond. Tyla looked through the spray toward the sun just as Christian was walking towards her through a lattice bower of blooming Morning Glories.

“Hello, Christian,” Tyla called out excitedly. “What a wonderful surprise to see you. So amazing you would show up just when we were talking about you. What are you doing in the area?”

“I was just talking with your neighbor about his bio-dynamic permaculture project that is coming along quite nicely since last I was here,” Christian answered.

“Quick, Sophia, go get your grandfather before St. Germain disappears as quickly as he appeared,” Tyla said to her granddaughter. “Come and sit down by the fountain here,” as she gestured to the wooden bench, “in the shade and rest awhile. Douglas should be out in a moment.”

“Certainly,” Christian replied, reaching up and picking a perfect, ripe peach from the low hanging fruit tree branch. “I love your peaches, Tyla. You know, the pit of the kernel will extend life as long as you don’t eat too many of them,” Christian laughed as he took a bite out of the peach.

“I am so glad you have come to visit today,” Tyla said full of anticipation of hearing Christian’s insight into some questions she and Douglas had. “Since your last visit, much has happened. I wrote an article about our last conversation and shared it with many people. It caused quite a stir because people don’t want to believe that masters exist in the physical body and can visit a student who is ready to learn from them. People called me names and accused me of sensationalism for using a “channeled” source.”

“Yes, that is understandable, Tyla,” said St. Germain with great warmth and compassion in his voice. “I am basically invisible to most people, even when I am speaking to them. It is hard for materialists to understand that masters and avatars are among them and help out all the time. I often stand at the threshold to protect developing aspirants from untimely accidents that might lead to death. Even these highly developed beings may not be able to see me when I appear before them and speak the warning. They may hear the voice, but not perceive my etheric form. Highly evolved beings can appear anywhere on Earth to help as many people as necessary. Time and space are easily manipulated by consciousness. So it does not surprise me that casual readers of your articles would doubt that I exist, let alone that you can have a conversation with me.”

“So, you really did hear what Douglas and I were talking about last night and that’s why you happened to show up today?” asked Tyla.

“That is correct, but it is simpler than you think,” replied Christian with a grin. “When a sincere student of the spirit asks a deeply important question that concerns his or her personal advancement, a red flag goes up in the spiritual world and we see or hear it as an S.O.S. signal that someone, like you or your readers, might need clarification, solace and comfort, or guidance to find answers. If a few people, in different places on the earth, also have the same questions or concerns, then we can appear to all of those people at once and instruct them. Each will hear it in their own language and see something different, but the content will be the same for each one. I know this may sound crazy, but it gets crazier and yet even more simple by the fact that time doesn’t exist for higher consciousness. Therefore, this conversation I am having with you now will also be shared with others at different times. Time doesn’t exist for consciousness either.”

“That makes sense to me,” Tyla responded. “Once an advanced being has walked a certain path and given specific instructions, it is there for all other students whenever they are ready. Rudolf Steiner calls this capacity to multiple perfect vehicles of consciousness, Spiritual Economy. Once the spirit has perfected something, it makes an imprint in the etheric realm and remains there ready to serve others.”

“Precisely,” Christian affirmed. “I love Steiner and his spiritual science. It is truly one of the most complete cosmologies ever created and is so enlightening to new aspirants.”

“Dr. Christian St. Germain, I presume!” called out Douglas as he walked up on the conversation.

Christian jumped to his feet and gave Douglas a big hug as the two old friends greeted each other with great love and honor.

“We are so privileged that you showed up today,” Douglas said as he sat down in the shade and joined the conversation. “We were just saying how we needed your help to understand a movie we saw last night about the creation and effects of the internet.”

“Yes, I know. Your questions are important and answers to those questions are essential if humans are to develop freedom and love in our age,” Christian said with a soberness that focused our minds on the question at hand.

“Then you know that I believe the internet was set up by DARPA, which is the research and development wing of the Department of Defense. I know in my heart that the internet is a weapon created to harm its users, but I don’t know exactly how that works,” Douglas said with seriousness in his voice.

“Ha,” laughed Christian. “You sound like a conspiracy theorist, Douglas. Sadly enough though, you are right, and it is much worse than that. The internet was created for war by warlords with money from warlord bankers and brokers. Very quickly it was found that the interconnectedness became a platform of expanded consciousness as the military researchers at major universities were able to work together in a coordinated fashion. Innovation and effectiveness came from combining the efforts of many computers being operated by many people. Together, the unified efforts of the group became greater than the individual efforts of each university. A type of technological group think tank or group consciousness arose.

As the technology advanced, the few lines between a small number of universities became a web of lines that needed coordinating, especially after the World Wide Web was established in Switzerland at CERN. Every person with a website could become their own university and every surfer of the web could become the ultimate researcher on whatever topic they wished to study. Eventually, countless number of websites were established for every type of business or pleasure from banking and stock markets to music and movies. Because a most hideous being was directing the growth of the internet, it soon became home to what Douglas referred to as a “weaponizing the internet” and an agent that has a most odious agenda.”

“What is that odious agenda?” asked Tyla sitting up further on her chair.

“Well,” sighed Christian “That is big topic.” He took another bite out of the peach and thought about where to start.

“At the heart of the internet is a cold, dark, dissonance that is anti-life oriented and is stealing the warmth, light, harmony, and life of every user who takes for granted the higher hierarchical beings who have to sacrificed and “died into electricity” to make the electromagnetic world of electricity, radio-waves, Wi-Fi, and all other forms of electromagnetic wave propagation that is bombarding our bodies at every moment. This being has many names but the one most apt is Ahriman, the Persian demon of darkness who wars against the light of the Sun, Mazdao. Light and darkness is talked about in all religions whether as Lucifer, Prometheus, Loki or Manu. Lucifer is a good counterpoint to Ahriman. Between the light of Lucifer that has fallen from heaven, to the living darkness of Ahriman, that has given seeming life to the mineral world, the human being stands torn in a battle. Lucifer and Ahriman also work together and try to eliminate the truly human qualities that should reign over the middle realm of the heart, what we call the higher ego or the Christ.”

“Which demon is in the internet?” Douglas asked quickly.

“Well, both you see,” Christian answered. “Light from the sun enters humans and in the darkness of the skull we give birth to a different type of light we call consciousness. The human being is distilled light turned inward to develop consciousness separate from the light of the sun. This light is like electrostatic energy, which is everywhere and pervades the cosmos abundantly. This light creates warmth, light, chemistry (which is also called sound, atomic structure, harmony) and the last substance or ether we call life. This type of life we might also call levity because once warmth, light, and sound are available in harmony, then life can rise up to its Mother the Sun through levity. Lucifer is the bringer of light, but he tries to bring too much, too soon, or bring his own light which is selfish, non-radiant, and non-effulgent. In other words, Lucifer likes to have light, but not share it.”

“The other being, Ahriman, can be imagined as cold and heartless, dark and heavily attached to the earth, dissonant and overwhelming and works through the forces of gravity that bring death,” Christian continued. “So you see, both Lucifer and Ahriman are behind the internet and all things electromagnetic. But we can be much more specific.”

“Lucifer is light, like the light of electricity that “lights” up each electrical input in every device that can access the internet. Lucifer was the greatest of angels and had great knowledge, just like the internet seems to have all knowledge at the prideful fingertips of the user who googles knowledge – more knowledge than any library every held, and the knowledge is growing exponentially and overwhelming the common user. Lucifer overwhelms and bring too much, just as the internet brings you more data and knowledge than you can ever use.

Unfortunately, Lucifer didn’t have wisdom and neither does the internet. Remember the sin of Lucifer, and then reflect on the fact that the top uses of the Internet are pornography, gambling and entertainment.

But it is Ahriman who is the spider in the middle of the web. It was, and will always be, the warlords who control the internet, and Ahriman is the King of war, hatred, and greed which are the driving forces of the military industrial complex, the people who are now called the globalists or transnationalists. It is this group of bankers, brokers, politicians and military warlords who use the internet the most. Globalist want everything to become digitized, including all of your financial transactions, your currency, your voting, your social life, your books, knowledge, and thoughts. Eventually Ahriman will even control the Internet of Things so that humans will never know what it is like to be purely human.

Once the Globalists have everything digitized, Ahriman, the lord of physical realm will command that realm and the internet will become his home, both figuratively and literally. Ahriman’s greatest wish is to not die. Ahriman is incarnated at this time in a physical body and will soon be the first entity to use cyber wet works to directly link his brain with the internet.”

“Will Ahriman have a physical body?” Tyla asked.

“Yes, he will and in the end it will be the author of his death. Humans and machines should not cross over their independent territories. We have enough problems with mad-scientists blending DNA from plant to animals and from animals to human. These aberrations of nature create monsters. Ahriman’s predecessors prepared the way for his incarnation by bending minerals until they took on plant characteristics. Integrated circuits are silica, a mineral, blended with metals and electricity to become a plant-like organization that simulates life and grows like a plant. When woven together with other minerals that have seemingly been given “life,” scientists have created a new kingdom of nature that is in fact a type of Frankenstein monster that is now unfortunately out of control like a huge world-wide living mineral kingdom that displays the intelligence of the gnomes – who were well-known for be able to take metals and minerals and fashion them into magical objects.

The unlimited and instantaneous cleverness of the gnomes is inherent in the substances used to make our modern electrical world (wires, transistors, integrated circuits, processors, memory chips and the like). Then, when you unconsciously and wickedly add to the mineral kingdom the realm of electrical devices that seem to grow like a weed out of control, you have the monster of the internet that wishes to basically eat warmth, light, harmony, and the life of the unconscious user.”

“Are you saying that the Department of Defense consciously created this new demon kingdom?” Tyla asked for deeper understanding.

“Humans didn’t create it consciously,” Christian said. “It grew into the monster because everything the warlords touch turns to evil. They did not know what they were creating and only now are beginning to understand its usefulness. Facebook, for example, was developed by DARPA and the Department of Defense to study the behavior of people online so that the warlords could learn ways to control people through the internet.”

“Is the collective internet Ahriman, or is he a separate artificial intelligence,” Douglas queried.

“Ahriman is a fallen spirit like Lucifer who incarnates only once on Earth,” Christian responded.

“Ahriman is alive and is learning to fully understand the parameters of the type of artificial intelligence that the internet mechanically spawns. The more the internet is used, the more control it has over the users’ conscious and unconscious minds. The internet has taken the place of the memory of the ancestors that is worshiped in the East. It is becoming the new collective unconscious of all of its users and thus it is changing human spiritual development, to the detriment.

Users are often addicted, and empathy is stolen from the user and replaced with cold-heartedness. Many become sick, listless, and depressed from internet addiction. The grotesque fantasies of every type of ego-distortion are found on the internet and the nefarious uses of criminals, warlord bankers and brokers, and those who wish to manage the perceptions of the weaker minds are rampant.”

“Is there no good use for the internet, Christian?” Douglas pleaded. “I love the internet and we reach a global audience with our writings. Isn’t that good?”

“Every stone, twig, or weapon on Earth can be used for good or ill,” Christian responded. “It is all about consciousness, no matter what the question. And with all questions, there are at least two completely correct answers, if not twelve. The internet can help people find answers quickly and can speed processes that save lives, admittedly; but it is a matter of whether the tool is used with gratitude to the beings who donated the substance and suffered the tool to come into existence, with all of its accompanying karma.

Some can use the internet for great good, while others great ill. Technology is not an end all solution to consciousness. The entire internet could be wiped out by a small coronal mass ejection of the sun that could wipe out all digital memory and the paths upon which they travel. All of the work of the internet could be snuffed out like a candle, which actually might not be so bad. We would have to start over again as so much knowledge and information we hold is in the internet, not in physical books and papers or in our memory.

The internet, artificial intelligence, and all of the components needed to operate this network is a new kingdom of nature – this weed-like mineral substance that can steal the angels’ light and enslave it in this darkness that controls many humans. Reaching for our cell phone to text, call, or surf is so easy, yet many do not reflect on the price we pay for such conveniences.”

“Do you mean the harmful EMFs, Wi-Fi, and the detrimental frequencies that things like weaponized cell-towers create?” Tyla asked rhetorically.

“Yes, exactly,” said Christian resolutely. “We are in very trying times where we must be alert to the wars going on all around us. The battle is between beings like Lucifer and Ahriman who want to steal the middle ground of love in the heart that Christ and the higher self can enkindle. We need to be consciously aware of the nature of all the tools that we use and their good and ill components. Otherwise, Lucifer will lure us in with brilliant cold light and Ahriman will rock us to sleep with infinite knowledge, pictures, and sounds that make us think we have become clairvoyant by seeing everything in the world, clairaudient by being able to hear everything in the world, and clairsentient by using the Internet of Things to manipulate everything in our environment from our phone.

We should be developing these abilities to see, hear and act in a spiritual manner that can affect our lives positively. The internet gives us the illusion that we can do these things, yet its very nature draws us away from spirit into its mechanical, materialistic prison. The internet lures us into believing we are so much more than we truly have developed into; it can make the unconscious user feel proud like Lucifer and become cold-hearted like Ahriman.”

“But will artificial intelligence take over the world and turn us into economic slaves who become automatons?” Douglas asked desperately.

“No, Douglas,” said Christian, “even though every sci-fi movie predicts that AI goes haywire and that there will be cyborg and robot wars against humans, leading to an eventual dystopia from the battles between human and machines, this will not happen. The real battle is in the middle ground of the human heart where morality and love can always win the day.

AI will never have consciousness, empathy, love, morality or the ability think. Machines will never replace humans, and the wishful thinking of scientists have scared people into believing that machines can do the same things a human can. This is nonsense. Machines can do what they are programmed to do and they do not, nor will they ever have human thoughts, feelings, or the ability to love. But to the contrary, machines do have the ability to take those very forces from the unconscious user. This is the danger.”

“Then how do we defeat Ahriman and Lucifer in the battle for the human heart?” Tyla asked. “We know our readers of Our Spirit magazine will have this question.”

“Bringing consciousness to every tool that you use will set that tool free to be more than a physical object that is limited by time and space. Every time you use your phone, computer, or any electrical device, you should thank the angels who gave of themselves to create your convenience. Then, we do not enslave the angels and the hierarchies involved in these devices, but in fact, we release them. Bringing truth through freedom and love into the internet and social media can redeem its fallen light and turn them into devices and systems that can become tools of the spirit.

This is accomplished by the user’s intent and the warmth, light, harmony and love that is in the deed of the user. This is true for all material things in the physical world. Through consciously knowing of the sacrifice of the higher hierarchies and the elemental beings, we lift them up into a realm that is a new kingdom that exists between the physical world and the spiritual world. We build this new world as our future that already exists in our very own midst….much like your website where you are using the channels that Ahriman and Lucifer have laid to create a virtual Temple of Wisdom for seekers to explore no matter where they are in the world, in time or space.

Of course, do all that is necessary to protect yourself from chaotic EMFs, Wi-Fi signals and cell phones. Use the internet wisely and consciously. Take precautions, just as both of you write about in your articles and books. Make sure your readers are not duped into believing Lucifer’s lies that parade as wondrous light, nor the dissonance of Ahriman that keep us bound to the limitations of materialism. Your heart always knows the truth if you look beyond the relative to the absolute.

Remember that each human is a perfect copy of the cosmos and that whatever we see outside of us is a reflection of who we are inside. Fear, doubt, and hatred keep us in a reactive state of being, just what Ahriman wants in order to keep us bound in a world of limitations, scarcity, and materialism.

By doing the inner work of spiritual activities such as meditation, reflection, and study, we begin to experience a world beyond the ordinary senses. We begin to activate our organs of supersensible perception and connect to and communicate with higher beings. As our inner world resonates at a higher frequency, so does our outer world. We begin to experience more joy, love, ease, prosperity, synchronicity, divine magic and flow.

Continue to do your good work, my dear Gabriels, and continue to share our conversations with your readers for no good deed will go unnoticed by those whose greatest pleasure is to see humans evolve into the angels that they are destined to become.”

Just then, Sophia, who had been chasing butterflies in the garden, ran up to her grandparents to show them a beautiful Monarch in her net. They all admired the butterfly and Douglas began telling her the story of the miraculous journey that the fourth generation butterfly takes that is unlike any other that previous generations of Monarchs take.

“Maybe like a fourth generation butterfly,” he said to her, “you will be a new kind of human being that is beyond the imagination of generations that preceded you.” Douglas looked up to see if Christian had anything to add to the story, but the master had vanished, leaving as silently and mysteriously as he had entered the garden.

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